Importance of Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

In the current scenario, the real challenge in a workplace is to handle and overcome the obstacles and learn from hard and tough experiences. The problems can be tackled by a person only with positive attitude, with focused mind, and with efforts to overcome obstacles. A person with positive attitude can easily survive in many tough situations of life.

When a boss or superior comes to a person and asks for some work to be done, and if the response from employee is "I don't think that I can do this" or "What happens if I fail?" shows negative attitude of a person and boss may keep the person away and ignore him in further projects. But if the person responds in positive way like "I will certainly put my total efforts and get work finished by the end of the day", then the boss will consider him as worthy person. The person with positive attitude will become a role of encouragement to others. Developing positive attitude helps in overcoming stress, increases self esteem, confidence, and makes a person more productive or dynamic. There are many advantages of positive attitude at workplace.

Creates A Positive Environment:
In general, employers put effort to make their employees happy, keep their principles high, and strive to create a positive environment for them to work so that they can experience the benefits of higher productivity and as a result, higher profitability can be achieved. Issues at work place should not be treated as problems, they should be considered as challenges. This helps in creating positive environment and gives benefits to both employees and employers. Always try to think on how you can make something easier or more enjoyable. A positive approach in setting goals and in overcoming challenges by leader makes other colleagues to inculcate positive attitude. A positive attitude is more catchy.

Helps To Achieve Goals:
Persuading a customers is much easier for a person with positive attitude. Research has also confirmed that sales professionals who think positively and trust in the benefits of their product have improved sales performance. If a person has positive attitude about achieving goals and success, they are more prone to take action in order to achieve it. Positive thinking is conspicuous in an achiever. Positive thinking with motivation helps in reaching different goals. It earns more benefits even after the goal is achieved.

Increases Productivity Levels:
Negative attitudes cause a mean cycle that deteriorates productivity. A positive attitude can be achieved by improving relationships with colleagues in positive way and remembering the job's "good side". By rethinking the "good side" of a job, it is possible to regenerate enthusiasm in it, which results in increase in productivity. Change of perception or thinking about something more positive, can remove stressful feelings. If stress is reduced among the employees, then better health can be achieved, as stress can have a serious negative impact on health. This results in less sick days, and better productivity.

Positive Attitude And Team Building:
Many business leaders have an impression that promoting and instilling positive thinking in the workplace will help in team building. If ideas of members are encouraged and a positive attitude is taken up, team members will get along with one another more frequently, leading to fewer conflicts. At workplace, if a person is not positive, co-workers are not interested to be around him. Therefore, if a person has positive attitude towards work and others around, then co-workers can feel that is a pleasant person to be around.

A ‘Can do’ in oneself exemplifies positive attitude and has an impact in the workplace too. Being positive makes a person stronger, happier, and healthier. The power of positive thinking is crucial for happiness in life and a successful career. You will love your work more and achieve your goals at workplace more easily and faster with positive attitude.

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