Importance Of Inspirational Quotes For Leading A Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Inspiration is an abstract concept or idea having spiritual and practical connotations. It can be some person or events which inspires our mind, emotions and body language. Inspiration means a motive to do something. It can be a sudden intuition for solving a problem. Many great personalities have inspired us. Albert Einstein and Aristotle are some among them. They were great scientists and their inspirational quotes the former's is "I have no special talents . I am only passionately curious" and latter's " For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them" have inspired many of us.

Many inspirational stories have also influenced people. A person can have both success and failure. By hard work only we can achieve success. Best inspirational quotes will drive us to motivate ourselves and eventually will be a guide for us to choose a right path for our destiny. We must have heard and come across many inspiring quotes which molds us to become a great citizen.

Most inspiring story was about the Youngest CEO. Her name is SreeLakshmi Suresh who is a native of Calicut, Kerala. She had a passion for computers at the young age. She designed her own website for her school first. Most amazing thing about her was she started a web design company named e Design Technologies and became the CEO of the company at the age of eight in 2008. This cute little girl has grabbed many accolades from the international level and won the most prestigious Global web award for excellence in web designing. From this story we get a feeling that age doesn't matter for achieving success. We must have self discipline and should pursue our passion.

Another story is about Thomas Edison who was one of the famous scientists who used 2000 different materials in search of filaments for the light bulbs. His assistant complained that all work was in vain. Edison replied confidently that we have come a long way and have learned a lot. Now we know that with 2000 materials we cannot find filaments for light bulbs. Through this story we get an idea that by mistakes we can learn. So find out our mistakes and try to improve from it.

Some small short stories have inspired children. Children are the next generation to be molded. Everyone has heard about the story of Red Riding Hood. A small girl saves her grandmother's life form the evil wolf. This shows her bravery and the story must have inspired the children. Another story is about the hare and tortoise. This story gives a meaning that slow and steady wins the race. Hare has lost the race due to his overconfidence. So by finding our faults, we can improve our future. Trust people and expect more innovation from them. Motivation and inspiration are scarce commodities in today's High tech world. Most people lose their confidence to perform well. As a result talents to grownup are wasted.


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