Importance of Anxiety Counseling in Our Life

Dr. Purushothaman
July 8, 2018

In today's life, anxiety, tension, worry, agitation, confusions and the like, various emotional and psychological problems are part and parcel of everybody’s life irrespective of age and sex all over the world. The interesting fact is that currently the intensity and the problems of anxiety are increasing in a big way, creating miseries and sufferings in personal, family and social life. But the question arises is from which point it starts to become harmful. Anxiety is very essential for our life.

For an example- If ISSAC NEWTON was not anxious about the apple, which came to his head, what will be the result? We will be still unaware of the power of the earth, which keep us near to her heart. Like a proverb in my mother tongue (Malayalam) “Adhikamayal amruthum vishamanu” . ‘Adhikam’ means excess, ‘amruthu’ mean medicine for long life, ‘visham’ means poison. This means that if we will eat in excess even a medicine for long life  it will be harmful. Our body needs everything in a harmonious quantity. If there is any change in the system, it will reflect either in your body or in your personality in a negative way. But the key point is that if your mind is the origin of anxiety, it can also be the medicine for that. All we need is a supportive system more likely a counseling service.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder

Anxiety can cause intrusive or obsessive thoughts. A person with anxiety may feel confused or find it hard to concentrate.

Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms. It will cause overly tense muscles,  high blood pressure, sweating, increased heartbeat, dizziness, and insomnia. Anxiety can also cause headaches, digestive problems, difficulty breathing, and nausea. Panic attack means severe and sudden physical symptoms.If you are unsure if someone you know may be experiencing anxiety, it may not be helpful to bring it up unless they do. However, there are some actions you can consider. You can:

  • Be patient with them

  • Share words of encouragement or appreciation

  • Be predictable and be willing to share details with them if they ask.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual identifies generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as excessive worry that impacts a person on an almost daily basis. It must last 6 months or more and be difficult to control. It must also not  able to be better explained by any other health condition. A person diagnosed with GAD must also show at least three of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent fatigue

  • Restlessness

  • Irritability

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Sleep problems

  • Muscle tension

Types of Anxiety

  • Separation anxiety: Anxiety caused when separated from parents.

  • Selective mutism: Selective mutism means not speaking at all in only some situations.

  • Panic: Panic disorder is diagnosed with recurring panic attacks, including physical symptoms of anxiety.

  • Specific phobias: Phobias are fear surrounding a certain object or situation, which the person avoids.

  • Social anxiety: People with social anxiety feel fear or anxiety in social situations. They may avoid social situations.

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and psychotherapy are some of the most common  therapies and can really help those with anxiety. Childhood difficulties such as trauma, neglect or difficulties experienced at an early age can leave emotional scars which later in life manifest as anxiety. In our busy, hectic lifestyles we may experience emotional overload, which will be interpreted as anxiety.

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) focuses to find  relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. There is a strong evidence base to support its effectiveness in treating anxiety. It is one of the most commonly used  therapies. It does not suit everyone.

Psychotherapy and Anxiety Counseling –

Under this there are various types of treatments and therapies including psycho analysis and behavioural therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is also a better option for this type of treatment modalities. The famous psychologist, Francine Shapiro has developed this method.

He was interested in studying how our brains could be ‘reprogrammed’ to overcome distressing memories and thoughts.

Like the saying “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”. It means that do it earliest as possible. If you are late also no need to worry, just take the treatment. Anxiety is best dealt through counseling. Anxiety counselor had emerged as a special branch due to its widespread need. So try to utilize this service to give your life the optimum quality.

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