Importance of Accreditation in Online Education

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

When we talk about online education then we think about different online institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. There is a system of accreditation exist in all the online educational institutes which offer degrees. The degree of an online college degree or university is said to be legal if it is accredited. So, selecting the right online college or university is a very important decision of student’s life. If you are a student and intend to study online then you should have a record list of online accredited institutions because online accreditation is largely seen as a sign of quality in the education of the world. Without accreditation, degree of any online university is not accepted in the world and such degree holders don’t get good offers.

Well you know that internet makes it easy for online institutions to teach a wider range of people. Also, there is one more benefit that many organizations have started to accepting students who have degree of any accredited online university. Accreditation shows the highest standard of any online institute. Accreditation is necessary because if someone has relatively basic online skills then he can create an online presence as an institution on internet. Such people offer fake degrees that have no benefit to students but loss. Accreditation helps potential students to identify schools that have the highest standards.

For educational institutions to be accredited need time and cost. It is true but after accreditation, the institute becomes recognized throughout the world which is a valuable and important achievement because its degree is accepted by worldwide companies. The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation are responsible for the accreditation of all the online universities that are opened and offer quick degrees. Both provide appropriate guidance and resources for accreditation. These are the accreditation bodies of the government.

There are a lot of private accreditation agencies exist in the world but they also run according to the standards set by the U.S. Department of Education. Due to these standards, al the institutions are measured according to their standard of study and students facilitation. These online accreditation agencies are both national and regional. National accrediting agencies have lower standards than their regional counterparts. That’s why online institutions mostly follow private accreditation agencies.

When students take admission in any online university then his motive is that his future employer is impressed by his degree that increases his standard and confidence. Especially those students who are professionals and want to buy accredited life experience degree online know about the concept and importance of accreditation. The reason is that professional students are already inn in the market and know about the condition of market. That’s why they know that only accredited degree can fulfill their dreams if they want to move forward in their lives.

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