IKIGAI-An Amazing Way of Life

Dr. Purushothaman
May 29, 2019

Every human is at heart a seeker and they search lifelong for something that fulfills them. The search can be for materialistic needs, a sense of recognition or even the need to be loved dearly. A very limited number of people, though dare to take the plunge to seek their own authentic self.

Mankind is a curious creature and has always been prone to push the boundaries of nature. Take human life span for example, from advancements in the medical field to a holistic way of living, everything is aimed at living longer. Though, this question remains enshrouded in mystery that can humans really live longer than their normal lifespan.

Mankind’s Interest In Increasing Life Span

A change in global consciousness has led everyone to see things from an absolutely different vantage point. Even before the new age movement led to a new spiritual wave, humans were keen to live longer and healthier. Since time immemorial, man has been obsessed with the idea of attaining immortality. The interesting stories of Buddhist monks who have performed miraculous feats just by being able to regulate their chi (energy) have been around for long. Many of them have managed to surpass normal life spans much to the surprise of the scientific community and people at large.

All these practices have evoked the interest of regular people to give a more meaningful shape to their existence. Willingness to adapt to a new lifestyle, a pattern of thinking and even other habits have certainly helped in improving life expectancy. People are more than eager to prolong their life and also truly make their time on this planet a deep and thoughtful process. They are breaking out of the limitation that were self-created to give birth to a new race that is far more empowered.

Those Who Live Longer Than Others

The idea of living longer than normal life span is not the vague talk or something limited to monks and superhuman. It is as real as the world around us and there are places where people not only live longer but also lead healthier lives. These folks not only live beyond 100 years, but also are in great shape at such an age. 5 places on Earth where people have defied the norm of normal life expectancy are:

  • Sardinia, Italy
  • The secluded and absolutely close knitted community here is blessed with genetics that helps them to live longer. The community members do daily physical chores, eat a plant-based diet and treat their elderly with a lot of love and tenderness.

  • Okinawa, Japan
  • A communal sense of living where everyone is cherished, loved and supported is what helps people here in living a long and a healthy life.

  • Nicoya, Costa Rica
  • A healthy lifestyle devoid of any processed food and rich in plant-based diet along with a positive mindset can help one live really long. This mantra along with a spiritual life purpose helps people here live longer.

  • Loma Linda, Calif., U.S.A.
  • The Protestant population of this place focuses on eating healthy and inculcates the principle of the Church. An intertwined community and spiritual sense of living help people in leading a deeper and longer life.

  • Ikaria, Greece
  • The folks of Ikaria stick to a Mediterranean diet and give them body adequate rest. They are a close functioning society that functions as a unit.

Okinawa’s Best-Kept Secret

Folks in Okinawa in Japan are part of the very limited tribe of people that not only live longer but also lead a more fulfilled life. The important thing to note here is that the foundation of a good life is how deeply happy it is. Okinawans don’t just live, but live for a purpose; their existence has a core that gives them the strength to carry on.

This reason to face each day is not limited to the chaos of the daily rat race or trying to limit themselves in any way. Most of the world these days is running at a hyper speed to their graves. Their idea of happiness is about gaining wealth and rising in the hierarchy which in short comes down to seeking self-worth in others. When you start to drift away from your authentic self, you get plagued by depression, loneliness and other diseases of the modern world.

Okinawans, on the other hand, lead life according to their life purpose. They practice what is called IKIGAI, which means, the reason for being and this not only helps them to live longer but also enriches their life. The culture of this community is very rich and each of their tradition aims at harmony with self and also with others. Mind, body and soul should work as one unit and not be fragmented or be in disarray. Similarly, emotional, physical and spiritual self should work in alignment and that is what IKIGIAI teaches.

How IKIGAI Transforms Life?

Getting up in the morning can often be a task and this happens because even though we nourish our body but never our soul. The mind becomes a victim of sensory overload and life becomes a task of jumping loops where we see escapism as a relief. This steadily saps our life energy as our emotional and mental well-being is not cared for.

What we truly search for all our life is happiness, but since we are unaware of who we truly are, we never find it. IKIGAI aims at letting go of the relentless pursuit of money, but rather goes deep within to find what truly makes one blissful. Rather than making your life about an endless pursuit that is satisfactory at a superficial level, find how you can contribute to the world.

Find a vocation that is in alignment with your purpose and do it not for the aim of getting somewhere in life but to make your existence wholesome. Instead of being part of the matrix that has you dancing to its beat, break out and walk to your own tune. IKIGAI teaches you to see who you are beyond your profession or your title. When you do what makes you feel fulfilled, you are blissful and you change your vibration from the lower frequency of haste and urgency to that of happiness.

This practice gives your life a better foundation and you don’t wake up to the prospect of dreading the day. You are no more an individual that lives to churn money and chases weekends. Rather, you are someone who has found a way to feed your soul the best nutrition.

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