HPAT: An Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

The HPAT or the Health Professions Admission Test is the test taken by candidates aspiring to have a career in medicine at the under graduate level. The test is conducted by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research).so candidates who have completed their secondary schooling are eligible to sit for this test. Like most tests organized by ACER the HPAT exam is more of an aptitude based test than knowledge based one. So students preparing to take it must not take it easy. They have to work hard to sharpen their analytical and critical skills more than anything else to crack the exam and secure a good position.

The HPAT questions range from different topics and not the science subjects only. It questions students on logical reasoning, human behaviour, a candidate's problem solving skills and also non verbal reasoning. So it is clear that the test is aptitude based than being knowledge based one. So aspirants must make sure that their preparations are well rounded. The HPAT preparation must include an organized and sincere practice of sharpening ones skills to take the test well. Candidates must not only study their prescribed text books to do well in the test. An unconventional approach is essential. So aspirants must engage themselves in acquiring more knowledge on general aptitude and awareness to answer the questions well.

To go along well with the HPAT prep students should also learn to look deep into human behaviour and understanding and an emphatic study of man' s nature and thought processes. This is important for the study of health sciences as candidates have to deal with humans and human nature in order to have successful medical careers. Thus the approach of the test is extremely scientific and practical. A simple study of academics cannot always be a determinant for a good medical student. So the HPAT test seeks beyond it. Practical knowledge, analytical mind, good aptitude are extremely important aspects of an ideal student. And that is what the exam determines by asking questions relating to logical thinking and reasoning skills of the candidates. So students should start looking at the test as new and beyond the ordinary and prepare accordingly to get an opportunity at realizing their dreams.

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