How to Use Your Subconscious Mind For Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Everybody believes that mind is a very powerful thing if properly used. But there are very few people who believe in the power of subconscious mind. How does subconscious mind work, and how to use it? If we get the answer of this question then accordingly we could alter our lifestyles and lead a better life ahead. Nobody has instructed how to raise our thoughts and utilize sub conscious mind in order to get better lifestyle. People don't know the exact way to apply this brilliant tool for happiness, success, develop self confidence.

Subconscious mind never stops and works all the time without any rest. It never makes judgments like good or bad, but only follows instructions that impress on it consciously. Subconscious thoughts usually work and become active when the conscious mind is totally occupied. It reacts to the dominant thoughts and these thoughts influence state of mind, desires, shape every decision, attitudes, and life prospects and many more things. So the truth is that we have to train our mind to think positive ideas and thoughts with good will power.

There are some easy steps that enable the people to use the power of sub conscious mind. To use it properly, one needs to tell the mind about the problem and discuss the possible solution with it. This can be easily performed by feeding input to it by writing subliminal question in a paper. Apart from writing, these instructions can be clearly feed into the subconscious region of the brain by using visualization tool. After feeding instructions to it, indulge in delightful work or the things which person like such sports, dancing, watching TV or listening music. But if people want to stay out of this want to stay in silence or quit then meditation is the best way to out from everything. This help to reduce stress easily and send signal to subconscious that by feeding instructions. After getting the proper input then, subconscious starts their work.

Keep all the thoughts open and keep track of all the suspicion that may present in person mind. Subconscious mind communicates with the person through feelings. Sometimes person also start visualizing the things in the form of mental images. Keep these images flowing in the mind and don't try to ignore it, as by doing this people are giving instructions to the sub conscious mind that they don't believe in this stuff. This will lessen the effective power of subconscious and becomes very difficult to apply this power next time.

Our subconscious minds work with powerful thoughts to develop our lifestyle patterns which influence the outcomes we discover in our lives. So whatever we are feeding whether it is good or bad will directly influence the subconscious mind that will affect the present lifestyle in success and failure. So we have to provide our subconscious mind with positive thoughts like love, peace, and joy for a happy life. So gradually grow mind power and instruct the subconscious mind to generate the life people want.

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