How To Use These Motivation Techniques In The Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

In the morning when you walk over to your desk do feel like your lacking the motivation to get started. Well, look around at your desk. Is it cluttered? Your surrounding affect your emotions and in-turn affect you motivation. So to bring up your motivation your desk environment needs to fit.
Easy Ways to Bring Motivation to Your Office
When a person is working they need to be comfortable. It's hard to stay motivated when you are uncomfortable. Sit correctly in your office chair, and make sure to do some ergo's. This will avoid you getting distracted by any sudden pains in your wrists, back, and headaches.
Clean Desk Equals a Clear Mind
A cluttered environment is usually linked to a cluttered mind. On the other hand, people who keep their desk and work area organized at all times tend to think much more clearly and are able to finish their work in less time.
During the time you are cleaning your desk remember your desk should be as bare as possible. If you come across things that have no business being in your office get rid of them.
If there are things you don't use but can't throw away either, use storage boxes and keep them out of sight. This will eliminate the causes of distraction that prevent you from being the best that you can be in the office.
Use Digital Sources of Motivation
You can find practically anything on the Internet these days, including motivational quotes and wallpapers. Find a couple of inspiring images and use them as your desktop wallpaper. Every time you feel stressed or frustrated with work or even with your co-workers, just gaze at your wallpaper for a few moments and absorb the positive messages on your screen. This will rejuvenate your spirits and enable you to return to work without the negative emotions.
While you are searching for these wallpapers. Look at the ones with quotes or saying on them. Also search for free wallpapers no need to dig into the finances to get wallpaper on your desktop.
With a little bit of creativity, you can easily turn your office space from being just another cubicle in a building into an inspirational haven where you can be a very productive employee of your company.

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