How to Survive Anxiety Attacks - Tips Sufferers Should Know

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Being anxious is a normal reaction to fearful or dangerous situations but if you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks even if there is nothing to worry about and it keeps you from functioning normally on your daily life, then it is already a disorder. Anxiety disorder is a condition where sufferers have irrational fear over something and the fear is accompanied by disturbing symptoms like sweating, trembling, pounding heartbeat, chest pain and feeling of going crazy. To get your life back and to function normally on your daily life, you have to learn how to survive anxiety attacks.
Anxiety or panic attacks may last for minutes or for hours. Although it felt like the attacks will never end, the good thing is that anxiety or panic attacks is not a life threatening situation and it does not last forever. There are things that you can do survive anxiety attacks and get rid of it for good.

To survive anxiety attacks you should learn how to relax. However, trying to relax during an attack is not easy because at first you will find it hard to be in control of yourself. Breathing exercises will help you relax. Slow deep breathing can be very helpful to calm you down. Yoga and meditation will also help you mange your anxiety disorder.

To survive anxiety attacks, it is also a big help to be positive and brush off your negative thoughts. It is important to know that anxiety attacks will pass and it is a very treatable condition. Distract yourself and think of happy thoughts. Self-talk can be very helpful if you want to survive anxiety attacks. Tell yourself words like these "I will be okay and nothing bad is going to happen." Listening to a calm music or watching an entertaining television show can be very helpful to distract yourself and survive anxiety attacks.

It is also helpful to disclose what you feel to a close friend or family member. Keeping your anxiety disorder to yourself may not be a good thing. It is better to talk about your fears than keep it to yourself. If your anxiety is too severe for you to handle, do not hesitate to ask help. You do not have to go through this situation alone because there are people and experts who can help you.

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