How To Stop Fighting With Your Loved Ones And Rebuild Family Relationships

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Jess was about to tear her hair out! She had been fighting with her husband now for days and it seemed with no end in sight! They were fighting over everything and it seemed like it was just fighting just to fight. Fighting over the kids, over the money, over the bills, over time, over not helping with this or that, doing the yard work, everything!

And worse maybe heading for the big D word, divorce.

And maybe that would be better anyway. At least she would have some peace! And she wouldn't have to worry about always him questioning her and if she could spend money on this or that, or how she should discipline the kids, or every other thing he didn't seem to like!

Well here is the first question. Do you want peace in your home without killing your marriage or relationship?

If you do here is the best and greatest tool to begin a walk back to peace in your life and keep your relationship thriving.

First realize, this tool does not cure the problems. It does not address the underlying reason for your distress, such

as your loved one not having a job or not enough money to go around for the month, or spending too much money. By the way, if this is part of the problem, please visit my website for free valuable articles to inspire you in different ways to earn more income. What it does do is clear the path so that there are no obstructions, so that you can calmly and comfortably address the problems you are having, find solutions and rebuild your relationships.

Here is the key, as soon as you see the person that you are fighting with, be welcoming. Always, always, greet that person warmly, with a smile, and say I'm glad you're home! Or I'm glad to see you. And leave it at that.

Don't lead into a fight. Just leave it that way for a while. Let the person unwind, relax a little. Then maybe offer some dinner, or a glass of juice. Now don't do any talking! Just let that person do the talking if they feel like it.

You just listen. Then say, I agree with this or that. I'm sorry for how I've acted. I agree we need to work on things.

Now if that person is ready to listen to you at that time go ahead and tell that person what is bothering you, gently,

gently, gently! If you don't feel the time is right, then just leave it right there.

The next time you see the person you are fighting with, smile and just say "hi" in a sweet and loving voice.

Don't say anything else! Let that person respond, before you continue.

Now, every time you see the person, be welcoming. Over time, this will be one of the most important aspects of the rebuilding process. I cannot stress this enough! The person must feel secure

before you can really work out your problems. That person needs to feel safety, and to feel that you still love that

person, that you will be there, that you are willing to work on things before real progress can be made.

So always, always, be welcoming! Set the example. You will see that your example will make a huge impact on your loved one's response.

Now this method will also work for children, other people you love and friends. it will also work for you in the work place if you are having stress there. If you are a guy reading this article, of course this tool will work for women too.

After the person feels secure with you, that is the time, very gently to broach the problem or problems that you have. My suggestion is to only work on one problem at a time. Also this might also be the time to make a suggestion to your loved one. You could say, "You know it would make me feel so happy if you said to me "I'm

glad you are home!" when I walk in the door. But say it gently, not sarcastically, but with love. Sometimes, our loved ones need a little guidance as to how to behave or on what to say. So be kind!

Now here I have to say, if you have a problem with someone controlling you or being aggressive or not giving you respect, please stay tuned as I will be writing additional help on these subjects as well.

To recap, in dealing with your loved ones or someone whom you are trying to rebuild a relationship with always start with this first rule of thumb, always be welcoming. Next, set the example. Act kindly. And do try to explain how you feel at the proper time. Always end with I love you.

Now that you have one of the most important keys to rebuilding relationships may you have many sunny and happy days ahead.

Kindest regards,

Susan Farmer

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