How to save time and effort

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Making goals for yourself is one thing; making your goals actually happen is another thing entirely. Many people get frustrated for not being able to hit their goals. Here's one way of making sure you achieve your goals: Take your realistic target and double it.
Sometimes we have lots of things to do. Every day when we wake up all the things that should be done is already planned and we are already loaded for that day's work. Sometimes we come to the point when we don't even know what to do and because we are already clouded with the tasks that we have day by day. Sometimes we do not even know what should come first and what should be given priority because we do not even have time to figure things out. We do not even know what should be first and what should be last.

Everything can be done in a day. We can reach our goals for the day and we can meet deadlines if we only know how to manage our time and how to organize the things that needs to be done in a day or even in a week. One way to save time and effort is by being well organized on the stuff that we need to take care of and prioritize first the ones needs immediate attention. As the day pass and as the hours of the day passes you will realize that nothing had been left out and nothing had not been given attention because you have prioritized the things that you need to do.

It's easy to save time and effort. All you need is time management and a little organization of the things you have every day. It's important to save time because everyday time runs so fast that sometimes you cannot really realized that you are already wasting so much times on the things that does not really needs to be taken care of. Time is always of the essence, time is always important in every way and in any way.

Your effort is much important as your time also, you should exert effort on the things that need prioritization. Every effort you make includes time. When you exert effort on the things that needs so much time, but then realized that it is not a priority you have lost a lot of the time you need to accomplish other things. It's really effective to make priorities and manage your time to save time and effort.


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