How to Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Panic

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

How to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks
It's normal to be a little anxious once in a while. However, if you are a frequent anxiety and panicperson, then it's more of a disorder. Anxiety is the fright feeling we get when we face a threatening or worrying situation, which helps in avoiding that kind of situation or confront it firsthand. Panic on the other hand comes sudden during unexpected scenarios and often times we tend to act irrationally under such attacks.
What causes anxiety and panic attacks?
There are several factors that may cause these two attacks but we can narrow down on the most common ones;
Situations or circumstances; it is perfectly normal to worry during an exam you are about to do or a first date with the girl of your dreams. When we fall extremely sick we might get some anxiety sometimes which wears off when we get better. Panic on the other hand is the feeling you get for example when there is a loud explosion, a chilling scream or a gun shot.
Genes; science has proven that some individuals are born with genes that predispose them to anxiety and panic attacks. These conditions will manifest during situations that cause anxiety. However this does not limit such attacks to those with the panic genes, any normal person subjected to enough pressure will yield to anxiety.
Drugs: Some drugs will get you anxious, especially partying drugs like ecstasy, meth or crack cocaine. Ingredients like amphetamines in prescription pills are a trigger and to some people caffeine is just enough to get them anxious.
Past experiences; the anxiety and panic attacks may come after one undergoes a sudden ordeal in the past. If you have been involved in a road accident before, you will always find yourself a little anxious when getting into another car.
Who gets affected by these conditions?
Anxiety and panic may be caused by the named cases, but this is perfectly normal unless it interferes with your normal life. Then it becomes a disorder and there are millions of folks out there who can give a testimony to this.
Statistically, women will grow more panicky than men as they advance in age. It is said that one is likely to suffer the first anxiety attack between the ages of 15 to 19. Children are also not left out though the ratio is equal between the boys and girls who may suffer panic attacks.
So this is to say that no one is immune to anxiety attacks. What makes the difference is how we respond to them and largely what we do to cure ourselves of the condition.
The symptoms and the cure for anxiety
We can split the symptoms into two; emotional symptoms and physical symptoms. Emotional symptoms are feelings of dread, irritability, always looking over your back for danger signs, having trouble concentrating, lots of tension or your mind going blank with panic.
The above symptoms will then trigger the physical ones which are increased heart beat, dizziness and nausea, twitches, immense sweating, insomnia, Headaches, muscle tension and fatigue. With such symptoms on you, truly you agree that your life is a mess. And there are millions out there who cannot live a happy normal life because they are always anxious, panicking or have a phobia of some sort.
Perhaps it's time to change things for good and address the problems of anxiety and panic. There are two ways to do that; with drugs or without drugs. If you are the pills person, you will find drugs such as Zolpidem and SSRIs quite effective form calming you down and giving you sleep. Today you can get such drugs over the counter with or without a physician's prescription.
On the other hand, you can decide to go vigilante on the trouble itself; stop running and start fighting. It begins with accepting the problem is in you and that it can be tackled all together. So if you want to get rid of panic try the following natural solutions;
-Meditate: just breathe calmly and relax. Keep talking to yourself quietly. The anxiety will be gone before you know it!
-Aromatherapy: spoil yourself with some essential oils treatment. Put some Lavender, Frankincense or Marjoram into an oil burner and let the sweet scent calm your body and mind.
-Get rid of the coffee machine: Pack that caffeine brewer and go out for a jog. It will boost your confidence and ability to handle anxiety and panic.

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