How To Rekindle Your Motivation Fast And Make Money

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Suppose you let some situation temporarily get the best of you.

For a moment, you disconnect your ability to make money and hand your competitors a big advantage. Effectively, you are out of business.

Here’s a very simple way to shake yourself out this limiting state of mind. Depending on which approach motivates you more, take a mental walk through a desirable future or an undesirable consequence of your present state of mind.

At first glance, one might imagine that a walk through a desirable future is more motivating. After all, one might ask, who wants to be reminded of a negative situation of any kind?

The reality is that it depends on the person. Some of us are motivated more by fear of loss than promise of gain. Conversely, others of us just need to be reminded of the bright future in our offing.


Resets our Money Mind for success.
Dissipates the mental cloud that may have hung over us.

Here’s how to do this.

Call to mind an image of the success for which you are striving and the benefit that will accrue to you. This might be a new car, a new house, or a vacation around the world. And let your mind experience a taste of how good this will feel when you achieve this objective.

Alter your point of view so that you see this image as if through your own eyes. Make the colors bright and the details sharp.

Does this give you a jolt of motivation and dissolve the limiting state of mind that you had experienced only a moment before? After you notice how this affects your state of mind, let the image fade away.

Now ask “What happens if I stay in this mental and emotional place?” Although the answer is not going to be pretty, take the time to explore it because it will clearly point out what you don’t want.

So let your mind present you with an image of the natural extension of this state of mind as it persists into the future. This image might be driving your current car or working at your current full-time job that you dislike.

As before, let your mind alter your point of view so that you see this image as if through your own eyes. Let your imagination make the colors vibrant and the image sharp and clear.

And take a moment to feel what this image does to your state of mind. That stinks, does it not?

Does this jolt you out of your negative state of mind and prompt a response like “I will not let this happen?”

If so, use this image and images like if for further motivation. If the previous image kickstarts your Money Mind, use that one.

Here’s the main point:

It doesn’t matter whether the promise of a bright future or the dread of an undesirable outcome motivates you with greater power and more reliability. The important thing to note is which one lights your personal fire of motivation.

And if you want to make money, this is necessary to do and perhaps to do often. Either way, you will arrive at success and a pile of money.

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