How To Quit Alcohol Before You Get Seriously Ill

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

There is one primary reason to stay far, far away from alcoholic beverages of any sort. Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating. The human body requires a high level of hydration to operate properly. Estimates on the percentage of water in the human body runs from 60% up to around 75%. Most functions in your body rely a great deal on certain elements, such as water and minerals, to be present and in ideal balance to one another. When you drink alcohol chronically, you are also chronically dehydrated, unless you are doing an astonishing job of drinking plenty of water every day. And by plenty, for an alcoholic, I would say a gallon of water every day would be a minimum. And that has to be counted separately from any water included in your alcoholic beverages. So, if you drink an 8 oz. bourbon and water, the water part doesn’t count toward your hydration needs.

If you are drinking a lot of alcohol daily and also not drinking a lot of water, you are running a very high risk of early mortality from a variety of degenerative diseases. These diseases would include: Crone’s, lupus, MS, cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Any illness or disease, though, will be made worse with the use of alcohol and its associated dehydration.

If you want to give up your addiction to alcohol one of the most natural ways to do it (which may also lead to a spiritual awakening for you) is to switch cold turkey to a raw foods diet. Within a few weeks’ time of switching to eating only raw, vegan food your body will advise you to stop drinking, and for the first time you will not only listen, you will be able to agree and comply with your body’s request. The raw foods diet detoxifies the body better than any other diet. It will restructure you from the inside out because you will finally be feeding it the high nutrition that it has been wanting. Interestingly, alcoholism is actually a sugar addiction. When you stabilize your body chemistry with the use of raw foods, especially a lot of dark, leafy greens, your cravings for sugar (and alcohol) will start to go away. It happens fairly quickly too.

This is not a diet that you go on to just lose weight; this is for the rest of your life. When you experience the profound affects that eating raw foods have on you, and you stick with it for more than a few months, you won’t want to go back.

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