How To Quickly Develop An Attractive Personality

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

If there's one thing that can help you out in every single aspect of life, it's having an attractive personality. Unlike your looks, which you're pretty much stuck with, you can develop your personality. And most people would readily agree that while looks are important, it's personality that really matters. In this article, you'll learn some proven tips that will help you develop an attractive personality that will make life much, much easier.

The first thing to do is think of somebody to model. This can be a real person you know, a real person you don't know, or even a character from a book or a movie. You can even put together several personality traits from several different people. Just don't get your brain from somebody named "Abby Normal."

One thing that has a dramatic impact on your personality is your voice. If your voice is high and squeaky, like Mickey Mouse, you won't ever be elected president. On the other hand, if you sound like the Dark Knight, you wouldn't make a very good kindergarten teacher. Make sure to model your voice to be congruent with the personality you're trying to create.

It's one thing to wish to change, but it's quite different to actually making the changes. It can feel very uncomfortable changing the way you walk and talk, so it may take some getting used to. But the more you practice these new behaviors, the more quickly they'll become who you are. Just dedicate yourself to making them happen, rather than vaguely wishing they'll happen on their own.

A powerful way to affect immediate change is to alter the way you dress. These make a quick impression on people. It's easy to change your personality when people are treating you differently.

One way to help you change your persona is to engage in different activities. Try different sports, hobbies, or other activities that people with your desired personality would engage in.

Another great way to change your personality is to hang out with different people. Obviously, if you are trying to become known as an intelligent, forward-thinking genius, you shouldn't spend time in the sports bar every weekend. Maybe hanging out with the chess club is a better alternative.

You see, it really easy to change your personality. Just figure out the person you want to be, and start doing things they'd do. Talk the way you imagine them talking, and act the way you imagine them acting. You'll be a completely new person in no time.

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