How to Prevent Epilepsy?

How to Prevent Epilepsy?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 26, 2017

Preventing epilepsy is a really hard thing. The only way that we can prevent it is to prevent any kind of brain damage. We still are not sure how to prevent it. But following the below steps can help in preventing brain damage on the whole. Moreover, following a healthy lifestyle too can give you more advantages.

Healthy eating

Epilepsy is mainly caused by the damage in the brain. It can be caused when we choose to eat foods that are not safe for the body. Foods that are prepared in an unhygienic condition are unsafe and can be infected tapeworms and that can affect the health of the brain.

Exercise regularly

Giving your body a regular exercise regime would be the best way to keep it in a proper healthy condition. Make your body move and sweat heavily while exercising.

Proper sleep

The body needs proper sleep so as to avoid the stress it faces every day. Lack of sleep is extremely dangerous to your health. Make sure you have strict sleeping hours so that you give your body the right amount of rest. Waking up from a good sleep will give your mind and body the freshness that you will need all through the day.

Stress management

Stress is the main factor that makes you feel dull and disturbed. Moreover, it also affects your health in a very bad manner. When beams arise, we need to manage our problems the right way. You should not over think on the causes of stress, as it can only increase the stress. To stay healthy, it is henceforth essential to avoid stress in your day to day life.

Choose a Ketogenic Diet

Taking on a ketogenic diet will be the best way to prevent seizure. Make sure to limit the intake of carbohydrates. For calories, you need to take in more fat. This is a kind of fasting process and should be maintained with all the heart. The strict diet should be followed to get relief from epilepsy. As the diet works for you, the medicines taken can be decreased with the supervision of your doctor.

Protect yourself from injury of the head

Head injury can be considered as a main cause of epilepsy. Prevention of head injury would be the better option. For this, always take care to drive in a safe mode, wearing helmet while riding a bike and following the traffic rules. Do not use your phone for texting or talking while driving. When you are driving with your children, take the right precautionary measures to ensure better safety.

Prevent all kinds of injuries

Try to improve the safety at home. This will help you to prevent injuries. Stairways should be equipped with handrails as well as guards. Clean your bathroom every day to avoid the slippery effect. You can also use a mat that prevents slipperiness. Make sure you wear helmet while doing activities like football or baseball. Such games are really dangerous and should be done with great precaution.

Prevent stroke attacks

Epilepsy is mainly caused by stroke. Those who had strokes have greater risks of getting epilepsy that those who did not have strokes. A healthy lifestyle can help you to prevent strokes. When we follow a healthy lifestyle, we can regularize our blood pressure, cholesterol and health of our heart. Cutting short oily food and smoking will also help a lot. For the purpose of boosting the metabolism, you need to consume most amount of fruits and vegetables. Make your body active with the help of exercises. Overeating can cause obesity, which results in a stroke. Hence eat what is needed for the body. Keeping in check these factors, you will be able to prevent stroke.

Prenatal care

It is a fact that children too are prone to get epilepsy. You can prevent epilepsy in children by doing the right prenatal care. Pregnant mothers need to check out for the right diet that should be followed during the time. The right supplements should be taken at the right time. Following a healthy lifestyle will help in making your baby healthy. Regular medical checkup will help in finding out any signs of high blood pressure, risks or any kind of infections which can cause in brain damage. Make sure to take the preventive vaccinations during pregnancy.

Following the above factors can help to prevent epilepsy and give you and your loved ones a healthy life. Live healthy to stay healthy.

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