How To Meditate And Calm Your Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Meditation can be divided into different branches, such as guide, spirit, visualization, and so on. When you come across them for the first time, you are not able to identify them one by one.

Call yourself back to what is truly happening is the essential thing you have to do before meditation. Our mind is not settled right now, right here on occasion. By learning to meditate, we can get in the habit of bringing our attention back to the present moment and see things as they truly are.

So, if this is what meditation does, then , where did we pay our attention in daily life? Here are four answers available:

The past- feeling sorry or happy for what had happened

The future – feeling hopeful or fearful about how future events may happen

Judgments of others – focusing on the negative or positive qualities you perceive in others

Judgments of ourselves – focusing on the flaws or virtues we believe to be true about ourselves.

All four of these things distract us from what really is happening in the present moment. When you learn how to meditate, you are doing nothing more than constantly pulling your attention away from these four things and placing it back in the present moment.

Want have a good beginning in meditation? Just do this. Leave yourself 5-10 minutes in a place without noise and pressure. Focus on nothing but your breath, and you need not to see anything at this moment. Can you really tell things exactly about your breath? When do you stop breathing out and start breathing in? Can you fix your attention on the middle point between them?

Your attention will walk away by itself. Don’t beat yourself up over this (after all, that is just a judgment of yourself). Whenever you catch yourself thinking of anything other than the present, simply take your attention and place it back in the present moment. Keep this process for a couple of minutes, when you feel it is enough, open your eyes and let yourself adapt to the reality slowly. You may feel refreshed.

You enter into your inner world as soon as you start to meditate. As you continue to do this, you will find yourself becoming much more aware about how your mind works and what trips you up and distracts you from the present moment and what you truly want.


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