How to live a happy life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Dear Reader

As for as the Question of happiness in your life then it depend on your thinking view, that from where you see your life, mean which thing make you happy in your life etc.

Because Happiness is not depend on a single point or object. So you can be happy after drink the wine or you can relax after quit the wine for ever in your life. So here are two views of one way, now it is depend on you that how you get happiness, after drink the wine or after quit the wine. dear reader same you can be happy in 100 rupees or you can worried and sad after think that why you have not 1000 rupees like your friend or other people, both are depend on you.

This is said in our life that due to human nature generally we like other's Earning, House, Life, Wife etc but not our owns, and after having such kind of thinking we run behind all these things every day.

We never think about enjoy of our own car, because we think that our relative's car is so comparable then our car, Then with our such kind of thinking we begin to hard work to purchase that kind of car which our relative have. thus we lost the precious enjoy time period of our own car. then In this all incident we lost more money, time, and energy also for buy a another car as our relative have. When we buy that car then till that time our any other relative buy a new technology car which we do not have. Now due to human nature we feel jellies from that person and we begin to run again for purchase that kind of car .
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So we never think about the enjoy of those flowers which are blooming in our garden but we think about those flowers which are blooming in other's gardens. Now you can see that our life's happiness depends on our thinking view that from where we see our life, we enjoy to our own garden's flowers or we think and waste time behind other's garden's flowers.

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