How To Lead A Happy Life With Meditation?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Leading a healthier and happier life is the dream of most of the people. Who will say that I do not want to lead a happy life. When some people get happiness naturally in their life, some people are not blessed with such things. This is because of the pressures they face in their life. Stress gather again and again in their lives and before they actually come out of a pressure situation, another thing awaits and comes in their way. So, these people should take steps to come out of their problem and if they let stress to gather, finally, it will take their life and happiness away from them. So, they will be forced into a position, where they will begin to ask ‘how to lead a happy life'

If you are one such individual with this question in mind, you can get out of the problem with the help of some relaxation technique like shamanism. This technique is known to take the people practicing closer to the god. When you take up training in this technique, you will be provided with the opportunity to practice meditation. Meditation is something that provides relief to many people out of their day to day stress. So, when you feel that you are leading a stressful life, spend just 10 minutes in the morning on a daily basis on this technique.
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Meditation has the power to relieve you out of your mental and even physical pains. When you are acquiring training, your master will clearly explain you as to how to get things started under this technique and people with expertise in meditation have given the following suggestions:

First of all, you will have to select a calm place for practicing meditation. Select a room or an open space that is free from any mobile phone tones, radio or television and kids playing around. The place should be calm enough in such a way that you can get the required concentration.

You can practice it either in sitting position or you can also lie flat on your back. When you are sitting in the chair, sit straight in such a way that your spinal cord should be perpendicular to ceiling and the floor. Even though, lying down is suggested, most of the experts are suggesting sitting in a comfortable position as when you become too much relaxed, you might fall asleep.

When you are worried about how to lead a happy life and decided to take up a shamanism class, first you will be taught a meditation technique and then only actual shamanism begins.


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