How To Increase Your Brain Power

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

How To Increase Your Brain Power

Many of us feel that it is natural for us to lose our mental agility and keenness as we get older. This certainly does not have to be the case. It has nothing to do with old age but rather our lifestyle choices and poor thinking habits. So if we change our choices and thinking habits we can stop and even reverse the trend and become mentally sharp once again.


Challenge your senses - Have you noticed that most of your world perception is based largely on what you see and hear? This is by choice, a life choice that will lead you down the path of losing mental agility and keenness. To change this start using all your senses to gather information about where you are and what you are doing. Here are some simple techniques.

Put a blindfold on and try and to make your way around the house or down the street. Just as a blind person compensates for their loss of sight by increasing the sensitivity of their other senses you will to. You will start noticing all the smells around you and the taste of the air or the feel of the sidewalk. It may not stay with you when you remove the blindfold but even for the short duration of the exercise brain power is increasing. If you do it often enough you will be able to become more aware of your surroundings without the blindfold.

Visit your local bakery or chocolate shop and sample things you wouldn't normally try or simply take longer to eat the things you usually do. Use your sense of feel to discover the texture of the product, or try and guess the weight. Then smell it and try and determine all the ingredients in the item. Finally taste it and savor the flavor on all the different parts of your tongue. Chew slowly and smell the aroma emanating from your mouth.

Solve puzzles and play games - There are many studies that show puzzles and games are great ways to stimulate the human mind and bolster the thinking process. The beauty of this is they do not have to be complicated games or puzzles, although the more complicated they are the more brain power boost you achieve. The goal is to just stimulate the brain, not to become an expert at it or achieve the highest level every time.

Playing a simple board game with your grandkids can be very stimulating and great family fun. All these games were developed to stimulate the minds of young people. What is to say they do not stimulate older folks as well? Often mental math is involved, as well as reading, hand-eye coordination, and choices about what path to take. All these activities stimulate brain cells and cause the brain to grow.

Take a few moments with you morning cup of coffee and do today's crossword or yesterday's Sudoku. Many newspapers have several different puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty to stimulate the mind. Although it is fun to challenge one's ability at times, remember the goal is to simply task the brain rather than allow it to lapse into poor thinking habits and begin to lose the keenness it once had.

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