How To Improve Your Anger Management Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

It seems that humanity has a real problem with rage. You have probably seen examples of this while cruising down the highway to work. People seem to turn into different creatures when racing down the interstate.

Put people behind the wheel of a car and they can no longer go about managing anger and frustration towards other drivers. Anger management is very important to your health and safety.

By managing your own anger you can help to control the outcomes of other situations. You can also provide a great example for your children and others through calm practices.

Anger aggression can happen for several reasons. One of the most common is a general irritation at some other situation that may be out of your control. Take for example a problem at work. You may be holding back from showing your feelings toward a frustrating co-worker or a boss. You bury the anger until a time comes when you take it out on someone else.

How many times have you honked your horn or cursed at a fellow driver for a mistake made while driving? That one poor soul becomes the epitome of all the things wrong in your life. Or it may be teen anger that has you frustrated. You do not know how to deal with your child during one of his or her outbursts so you take it out on your spouse.

Anger management is extremely important to your sense of well-being. There have been far too many people injured due to rage. This includes shootings resulting from road rage gone bad. It is also about spousal abuse.

The emotional and psychological issues are immense but there are physical issues as well. Adrenaline rushes happen, but becoming an adrenaline junkie feeding off the rush from anger can lead to high blood pressure, stroke or even a heart attack.

If you have a problem with anger management, then there are anger management courses that you can take to help you properly address your underlying issues of rage. It takes awareness of the problem and a sincere desire to learn more effective skills for dealing with this problem. It could save your life and your health. It also serves as an example for your teen anger problems, if you have children.



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