How to Hone Your Workplace Communication Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

By now, you should already be aware that your public speaking skills can become your pass or ticket for employment or promotion. Companies and businesses now see to it that they are employing key people with good communication skills. What keeps an organization rooted to the ground is the fact that its members are communicating effectively with one another. Without clear communication between the key people running it and their subordinates, the organization is not likely to survive longer. Therefore, aside from being knowledgeable and experienced on a particular job position, you should be wise enough to hone your workplace communication skills if you don't want to ruin your chances of getting a good and comfortable seat in the organization.

Below are some helpful ideas on how you can hone your workplace communication skills:

1. Reach out and speak to everyone. You can build a rapport with co-employees if you engage in friendly conversations or an open communication with them. However, you should be able to separate personal from work relationship with them.

2. Speak with tact. If you should correct someone's performance in the workplace, say it objectively and with tact. Your primary focus should be to "correct the offense" rather than to brutally "offend the offender".

3. Know when to communicate via electronic mail and other forms of online technology and when to speak face-to-face to your superior if you are a subordinate and to your subordinates if you are their superior.

4. Attend to team building activities and communication workshops whenever there are opportunities. Companies and businesses nowadays would usually sponsor such activities to help their employees improve their communication skills in the workplace. Else, you can also take the initiative by participating in public speaking courses online or offline so that you can add another important skill to your resume.

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