How to Have An Instantaneous Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

It is possible to have an instantaneous spiritual awakening. And the process is quite simple.

If you do the following exercise with your complete attention, you can have an instantaneous spiritual awakening that can move you beyond the experience of body and mind identification to the experience of the Self. You will experience yourself as formless, conscious energy.

The first thing to understand is that you cannot realize the Self through the senses.

You cannot taste the Self, see the Self, hear the Self, smell the Self and you cannot touch the Self.

Consider this:

You have your eyes open.

You see and then label what you see.

You think 'This is my body. This is my computer. I am using my hands to type on the computer.'

And so your mind immediately labels everything you see and you automatically assume that these labels are true. You see your hands; you call them your hands. And they appear very physical, very solid and separate from the keyboard that you are typing on.

But close your eyes and be still.

From this point of stillness tell me about your hands. Without moving them or looking at them. If you can't see them, then where and what are they?

You can say that you feel your hands resting on your mouse or keyboard. But what is that feeling? What is the sensation that you are calling your hands?

In order to have an instantaneous spiritual awakening, you have to forget the defining that they are your hands and actually experience what is here beyond the words. Experience what is here beyond the thinking. Beyond the five senses.

With your eyes closed, forget the defining of your body and experience what you refer to as your body.

Not a part of your body but the whole thing.

With your eyes closed, there is the sensation that you are here, but instead of defining it as a body, as a name, simply feel it. Feel the sensation of what is here.

Feeling without touching. Feeling without using words. Do this now.

Here you experience something that you cannot define, you cannot accurately describe.

Because what is here does not have boundaries and cannot be described by the senses.

But there is an experience of existing.

There is the awareness of existing.

Here, existing and awareness are one and the same. You cannot separate these three things. You are here, you are aware that you are here.

This is not something that you can learn or understand. You have to close your eyes, let go of thinking and experience it right now.

Close your eyes and notice your experience of existing in this moment. You will instantaneously experience that what you are is not solid. What you are does not have boundaries. In fact, it feels like formless energy.

Here, you have moved beyond the mind and body. You have had an instantaneous spiritual awakening.

And you will see this spiritual awakening is not a state that comes and goes.

This experience of existing beyond the mind and body is what is always here.

Now it is just a matter of keeping your focus here. Keeping you focus on this experience of yourself beyond the body and mind. The experience of formless energy.

If you followed this exercise, then you easily had an instantaneous spiritual awakening. And every time you practice this simple exercise, this feeling of the Self beyond mind and body will become more apparent, more clear and more blissful. It will lead to even greater spiritual awakenings.


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