How to Have a Spiritual Awakening Through Meditation

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

In order for you to have a spiritual awakening, surrender has to happen. You need to surrender at the deepest level of your being.

So we want to get you out of your mind, out of the controlled idea that you are an intelligent and together person and into what is here in this moment beyond such ideas.

The mind is always trying to put things in order. But once the mind puts things in order, you are out of touch with what is here.

Unconsciously, the mind has an image of how a perfect person should be and the mind tries to emulate that. Not on a conscious level, you are not intentionally doing it. But once you do it, then spiritual awakening cannot touch you. Life cannot touch you.

So the first step in surrender is to be aware of this. Be aware of how the mind tries to put everything into neat little piles of understandings and justifications.

The second step in surrender is to allow yourself to become undone. Allow yourself to be naked and raw in this moment. Experience with pure honesty what is here in this moment without holding on to any ideas of what that might be.

It is this honest awareness that is the key to spiritual awakening.

We refer to ourselves as someone in time; someone with past experiences and memories. But I want you to go beyond that thought construct and truly experience what is here, what is here beyond all thought.

Because what is here is only here now and then it is gone. There is such freedom just in that realization.

You can only feel this moment. You can't do it with the mind, you have to feel it; beyond emotion, beyond the intellect.

Surrender to what is here completely. Give up being together and simply fall apart in this moment and experience what is left.

Then you will truly experience peace. You will truly have a spiritual awakening. You will realize that silence that is underneath everything; that silence that only fully reveals itself when you have come undone.

This is extremely difficult to do without the presence of a fully enlightened teacher. If you sit with a fully enlightened teacher, you receive Shaktipat- the actual energy that awakens you at the very core of your being. This makes the process of spiritual awakening a hundred times easier.


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