How To Get Rid Of Anxiety - Discover 7 Emotional Triggers To Anxiety

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

There are things that basically trigger anxiety to occur. If you are able to understand some of the triggers to anxiety then you can be on your way to control the effect to a greater extent. In this article I am going to show you some of the stimulants to anxiety.
If you want to get rid of anxiety then pay close attention to these triggers;

Fear or phobias. Most of us have fears in our lives but we courageously tend to deal with them until we become confident about the situation. But if such a fear is prolonged for sometime and is seen as it being a greater danger, then we develop phobias. When such a fear is triggered it can cause anxiety.

Nature. Research has shown that if a child is born from parents who have been suffering from anxiety then the child is more likely to be disturbed by anxiety in his or her lifetime.

Nurture. Children who have been raised up in environments of cautiousness or strictness or overprotective parents, are likely to experience anxiety once they get to environments that don't have such conditions.They tend to lack the balance of situations in life, and this can create lots of stressful moments.

Low self confidence and self esteem. Sometimes from the way we grow up, we define our values in a way that cause us to have poor self esteem and low self confidence. You find that the world pushes you around and you don't like it, but lack the self confidence to stand on your beliefs. This can create lots of stress and make it possible to get rid of anxiety.

Breathing. Breathing is important in our lives, but most of the time we do not take this seriously and don't find ways to control our breathing. Breathing especially fresh air helps our body to function properly. Blood circulation takes place smoothly and thus balances the way our body system functions. Lack of proper breathing can aid in getting anxiety with time.

Smoking. We like to believe that smoking helps us in getting rid of anxiety but truth of the matter is it only makes matters even worse. Smoking tends to distort blood circulation in the body and even our breathing system.

Other triggers include; alcohol, prescribed drugs, failed relationships, physical disorders, stress.

By being aware of this, next time if you want to get rid of anxiety then you can refer to these triggers and see which one is the likely cause to your anxiety.




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