How To Get Rich On Runescape!

African American businesswoman throwing money in the air

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

The way to wealth with no money is through real estate. The old rules of real estate no longer work so I am going to show you some methods that I have developed to get property with no money.

Banks no longer will lend 100% after the recent economic crisis so these new methods were developed.

1. Bank - Bank financing is still needed but only at the standard 70-90% of the purchase price. The remaining 30-10% should be financed by the seller of the property using a second mortgage. The to mortgages when combined equal 100% of the purchase price. But when your restaurant begins to grow you will start to face some problems. If you hired more cooks, more waiters and more customers are pouring to your restaurant things might become a little complicated and you will need to arrange things in a way to get unstuck and to solve all the problems and satisfy your customers at the same time.

One of the secrets to success in Restaurant City is to adopt what we call "the island layout". What is the island layout? It is a layout for your chairs, tables and stoves that is done to guarantee your maximum waiters, cooks productivity and it will greatly help you get more satisfied customers that will help you when they give you thumbs up and you will get good money and cash from them.

The island layout consists of tables on the shape of a circle with chairs are outside the circle and your waiters are inside the circle. In this layout you will help your waiters move effortlessly to all customers in their area. Serve them well within the shortest span of time. It's true that there's money to be made, but the returns are typically low and it can take years to build wealth this way.

Another advised investing in distressed property. I definitely think this is a great option for investing as well. There are many trains of thought on ways to get rich. The one theme that seems to run through all of the experts I've spoken to is that you must focus on quick returns and constantly keep your money in motion.

Plenty of people all the time are asking me how to get rich on Runescape, and frankly I don't know what they're expecting me to say. It's almost like asking someone how to get rich in the real world as opposed to this particular online one. What would you say to that? Look for a niche in the market, start a business and work hard?

But let's be honest, it's not what people want to hear.

They know that with a decent amount of capital and a sensible head that merchanting and monster killer (or a combination of both) is the way to making millions upon millions of gp on Runescape.

They know what the answer is, they just don't like it because they're looking for some sort of magical quick fix solution. The rich found something that worked and stuck to it until it didn't - and then moved on again. Doing the same thing, such as picking flax or cutting down yew trees is going to produce the same results - very little gold.

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