How to Get Rich and Famous Without Breaking a Sweat!

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

Did you ever notice how successful people seem to get to their success with seemingly little effort? This is an incorrect view of what the reality is because most of the time they have worked hard to get where they are going. While they have worked hard it doesn't mean day after day of drudgery but rather day after day of loving every minute of what they are doing and a belief that they will succeed. Napoleon Hill said:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.

The love of what they do keeps them on task and going. When you love something it is really not work. When you love something you easily move toward it and when it is all done with seemingly little effort. This should be the model of your success. Find something that you love and do it. Get up every day looking forward to it, ready to take the next step towards it. Then apply law of attraction techniques to it. See yourself doing it, see yourself loving it.

Each night visualize your success and be grateful for it. See yourself meeting goals that you have set for yourself. If you are learning something new, see yourself achieving it. See yourself attracting people you love into your life so you can work with them. See yourself generating income from it whereby you can buy all of the things you want. Develop some affirmations to support yourself. A favorite of mine is:

I work with people I love and I make all the money I want.

See yourself being lifted up as you move toward your vision and see those around you being lifted along with you. See yourself grateful for having such a great group surrounding you. It is important to keep the vision in mind because it is difficult to keep going when something becomes challenging if you don't keep the rewards of attaining it constantly in mind.

This is what it means to get rich and famous without breaking a sweat. It means being drawn to your dreams by the love you have for your vision and by the great people you have surrounded yourself with. A few years ago a book came out called, "Do The Thing You Love And The Money Will Follow." This is certainly true, no one has great success without loving what they do. You can attain anything that you can believe in especially if you love it.

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