How to Fight Stress and Live a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Stress is a common problem for everyone. It can be caused by the people around you, too much thinking, work and many others. Fortunately, there are ways to relive stress without taking medication.

Here are 7 stress reducers that will not cost you a dime:

Allowing your mind to rest during times when you’re to stressed out thinking of something like work will make you feel better. When you think too much, you lose concentration. You cannot think clearly, leading to unorganized thoughts and mistakes. Through meditation, you focus your minds to a single thing or goal. It will relax your mind. You can either buy meditation CDs or mp3 to help you meditate or join meditation classes. Some studies have shown that regular meditation helps reduce stress levels and helps regulate blood pressure.

2.Eat Healthy
Refrain from eating junk foods and too much coffee and alcohol intake. Reduce munching on sweets because these tend to rattle the nerves more. Try eating whole grains, dairy, nuts, green veggies, some fish and drink lots of water. Living a healthy life will help feel better about yourself. And if these aren’t a typical part of your meal, then try to add these little by little. You’ll feel sexy and stress free.

Exercising triggers the release of endorphins, which are mood stabilizers produced in the brain that reduce pain and helps a person be naturally happy. Exercising doesn’t mean spending a whole day on the gym, a simple walk with your dog or a biking within the village will do.

4.Have a good night’s sleep
When we are stressed we tend to spend the night thinking about our problems. This habit adds to your stress level. Instead of thinking, why not relax your mind by reading your favorite book or taking a relaxing bath before sleeping. Never drown yourself with alcohol before sleeping because it will worsen your sleeping patterns and will result to a headache when you wake up. Relaxing your mind will give you a good night sleep and a smile when you wake up.

5. Change your routine
We follow a schedule every day. Sometimes we get tired and stressed of doing the same old thing. Consider changing these routines. Instead of cleaning the house, why not do it with a twist? Try to incorporate play with your everyday cleaning ask your children to get all the toys scattered and whoever has the most number of toys gathered wins a prize. By doing so, you have combined cleaning and playing.

6. Discover a new hobby
When everything seems to be a blur, why not make yourself busy with surfing the net, blogging, sewing, painting or anything you are interested in doing? One way of relaxing is by getting a hobby. It will surely change the direction of your mind takes

7. Have a vacation
A time out from all the commotion around you is a good way of reducing stress. Whether it is just for the weekend, a day, or a week, taking a break will give you time to relax, recharge and draw off all the stress away.

Stress, whether we like it or not, is a part of our lives. But we should not let it affect our daily grind. Think of ways on how to get rid of it. Live a stress-free life, you deserve it.


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