How to Enhance the Attention of the Children

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

Some children may be smart, but academic achievement is not excellent. Observing that in the study, the children's attention is easily lax, vulnerable to irrelevant exciting interference. Even without the role of unrelated stimuli, their attention is also hard to last. When they do homework, these children haven't finished Chinese, and then he picks up the math homework and then take up the English homework... To investigate its reason, largely because they did not form a good note quality in childhood, caused bad attention, this will affect the grades. Therefore, parents should attach importance to the training of quality, enhance children's focus attention. Underneath I introduce some effective methods and measures:

First, there is a notable characteristic of infants being attentive to interesting things and activities for a long time. The smaller children are, the more so, so parents should use interesting and vivid game activities with bright colors, which can send out sounds and attract and sustain their attention. But toys and activities can't be transformed too frequently, until they completely lose interest, no longer notice, and again change new toys or new activities, otherwise, it will influence the permanence of attention.

Second, when a child is working on a certain activity, engaged in the activities, we certainly don't interrupt him, otherwise, it will damage the continuity of the notice. Now there are many children whose attention stability is very poor, one of the very important reasons is many people around them, such as parents, relatives almost deprive them the chance of children to be quietly engaged in activities. As time passes, they form the blundering quality. Therefore, parents should make sure children are not disturbed and have the chance to own quiet activities. This is an important way to cultivate attention stability.

Third, use special toys and activities. As puzzles, plug-in boards, and blocks toys for training stable notes are very meaningful. Observing the growth of plants and animals, observing animal changes such as sleeping, eating, and playing the harp, living habits, and learning activities help enhance the stability of preschool attention.

Fourth, parents should train attention and combine control and willpower. Therefore, parents should provide some tasks for children in their power, encourage them to overcome difficulties and insist to complete. Gradually form the habit to do a thing to the end. Out of control and willpower, the development of attention stability is difficult.

Fifth, the content of the study should not only be too difficult or too easy. Or it will not draw children's study interest, and difficult to maintain their attention.

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