How to Deal With the Tensions of Examinations

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Whether you are a top-notch performance, there is still a certain gap with others. Do not forget to get up every day with confidence. Regardless of how the individual circumstances you are, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. If your confidence could not make you successful, then the loss of confidence will certainly lead to failure.

Psychology expert think that in life, emotion plays a very important role for people. The same thing is that the views of different of the issue from different angles, mood will be different, and the result is different. In an exam review and entrance to their emotions adjust to the best state. When you are nervous, you can listen to light music, or stretched hand, curved waist and shaking his neck; or stroll outdoors; or chat with classmates and humorous yourselves. In the examination room, you can take a deep breath and look out the window.

Before the exams, you can reduce psychological expectations. Do not always think we must go to college to elite universities. As long as calmly exam, give full play to their level is victory.

You should ensure adequate sleep and recharge your batteries to meet the college entrance examination. Burning the midnight oil and lack of sleep the previous day, the next day the brain will be in a semi-dormant state. Under these conditions, state of mind is suppressed, which results review inefficiency. But you cannot go to the other extreme, but think that you should have a big break to relax. It will be counterproductive. Psychologists believe that if people are under the intense work and study conditions in the long period of, the brain center will build tension corresponding operation mode of thinking. People can adapt to stressful work and study. If you suddenly stop and nothing to do, the original clock will be disrupted, psychology on a loss, the candidates will have loss, anxiety and palpitation, etc., so the candidates in the exam or the normal schedule according to the original schedule.

Psychological research shows that the human face and the human inner experience are mutually reinforcing. Laughter is consistent with the experience of self-confidence and mutually reinforcing. When you meet the classmates in the examination room, you can say hello with them, so that you can inadvertently disappearance of the strangeness of the examination room and tension, obtain a psychological sense of security.

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