How to deal with anxiety

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

An insider’s look on how to deal with anxiety and why the real message has only now begun to emerge.
Belgrade, Serbia - You needn’t look far for information on how to deal with anxiety The question Allan Gusler asks is this: are you really getting the full story? And if the mainstream media provides any clues, the answer is no.

Allan Gusler a leading expert in dealing with anxiety revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story here is preventing further problems with constant anxiety that many are feeling and this is why Allan suggest following solutions.

• Think positive-This is a biggie. Main reason for you to need to overcome anxiety is because you feel that nothing is going your way. But even when everything feels dark there is an upside, even if its small. This is why when you are at the toughest, you need to keep your head high, smile and find something that is good in the bad. Force yourself if you have to. • Family and friends-Having a proper support system is essential. This is why you must spend some quality timewith them. It doesn’t have to be a planned event, you can simply hang out. This works awesome when you need to learn how to deal with social anxiety. Also all the time you spend with your family will strengthen the bond between you. This will enable you to have somebody with who you can talk when the time gets hard. • HOBBY-Everybody needs a hobby to pass the time. Some people even made their hobbies as a source of income and great joy.This is why you should try to find something that will distract you. You can read, play videogames or even build a boat. Sky is the limit.


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