How to Create Attention-Grabbing Adwords Titles and Descriptions

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Submitted by Edward Johanson
Wed, 22 Aug 2012

Paid ads are effective, believe me. Because when they are used correctly, they bring you very good traffic. That's why I see fit to post this Google Adwords tutorial to help you out.

An effective ad is one that grabs your attention, and the first thing to master here in this Google Adwords tutorial is to learn how to create attention-grabbing titles and descriptions.

So here are my personal tips on how to do just that...

Google Adwords Tutorial Tip 1 - Keep Titles and Descriptions Focused and Relevant

Be as specific as possible, while still communicating a good reason for viewers to take action. They must be convinced in the course of a few lines of text, so every word counts.

Focus on the reasons a viewer would want to know more. What is the benefit of the product or service?

Marketing experts have identified three primary reasons people buy: to fulfill a basic need, to solve a problem, or to improve their self-image.

The title and description should state what is being offered as well as the need it fills, the problem it solves, or the emotional benefit it brings. Without this message, the ad will not be as compelling as the competition's.

Google Adwords Tutorial Tip 2 - Focus on The Needs of Your Prospects

The initial goal is not to achieve a sale, but rather to convince the viewer to take the first step toward making the purchase.

Make the landing page as compelling as the title and description, and publish a sign-up form so the viewer can take the next step, requesting more information. With their name and email address, future contact is made possible - another important step in the sales cycle.

Google Adwords Tutorial Tip 3 - Maximize Keyword Usage

Targeted keywords will bring more qualified impressions - viewers who are in the market for what is offered.

This is important because reaching the wrong audience results in a higher cost per click but fewer conversions. Using a good keyword list also helps advertisers maintain a better ad position. Higher ad positions lead to more click-throughs.

Google Adwords Tutorial Tip 4 - Give A Strong Call to Action.

Creating a sense of urgency is one way to accomplish this.

For example, a limited-time offer gives the viewer a reason to click now, instead of putting off the action until later. Other possibilities include offering a sale price through a specific date or offering a "freebie" to the first 100 people who respond.

Google Adwords Tutorial Tip 5 - Always Make Necessary Changes Along The Way.

If ads are not receiving the desired number of clicks, try using different information in the ad. If the price is a competitive advantage, include it in the title or description. Use attention-grabbing words such as download, free, or trial, but only if these are appropriate. Using words to increase impressions works against the advertiser, because this results in greater CPC, with lower CTR.

In short, I want you to take home this summary in this Google Adwords tutorial. Be focused, and emphasize the advantages of the product or service. And above all, be willing to try new approaches while designing an effective Adwords campaign.


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