How to Control Your Social Anxiety Problems?

Young man clenching his teeth, pulling his hair, suffering from stress

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Social anxiety is one of the key concerns being discussed on all professional and academic levels. Basically, there are two types of social anxiety disorder that have been discovered so far. There is a general disorder that cripples the ability of the people to perform in gathering, eat in hotels, and freely talk to unknown people. There is another type of problem known as performance disorder. This happens when a person is about to perform something like a class presentation, a music concert or some public speaking occasion.
When we look at the development stage of the problem, it becomes clear that this problem starts arising since childhood. Those kids who seem to be shy during their childhood are understood to be among the early victims of the problem. They are unable to associate them to the groups, cannot perform the group tasks and feel terrible while speaking in public. However, this should not be confused with being introvert as both are totally different. Introverts can be social, confident and free from any such phobia.
When it comes to treatment of the problem, ironically there is not a single solution that could be called as the most authentic or reliable. All we can do is to try various recommended solutions and then get things done in the right way. For example, it is responsibility of the parents to ensure that their kids are performing better at school. If they find some extreme level of shyness in them, they must take a notice of that. Visiting some psychologist with the kids is the next step.
Reading some quality books and using internet positively can also impact the mindset. For example, there are some books on self-confidence, image-boosting and doing away with shyness; one should not miss them. Additionally, there are some good blogs and dedicated healthcare websites that can also prove out to be very helpful. Additionally, there is a very dedicated method called CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy that is aimed at complete rehabilitation of victim.
CBT is understood to be the most reliable of them all because it is a collaborative and time-bound process. Here, around 16-18 weeks of continuous rehabilitation exercise makes the victim in a much better position to play things right. He can come out of stress and start taking part in the daily life activities. However, the will power and active participation of the patient is very important for the complete success of the exercise.

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