How To Control Your Anger And Stay Calm

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

No one is perfect, although some of us like to think we are. Humans are born with different shortcomings and that is what sets them apart from another. Anger is the number one negative characteristic majority of people have. You may have witnessed a person getting out of control even for minor issues. For instance, the moment you utter something to a person, he or she might start to get angry and react in a negative form. Sometimes this could be for no particular reason at all. Such people do not have proper anger control in them.

What is anger control? Anger control is your ability to stay cool, or to be in control of your feelings and actions no matter how demanding the situation is or how pressurized you are to act negatively. This is where most people tend to regret what they have said or done to their loved ones. They simply didnít have anger control in them. Most people who donít have anger control in them do things that they could have easily avoided, if only they didnít get angry at the slightest thing.

Today there are different classes conducted for individuals who like to develop skills designed for anger control. Many such anger management classes teach a person how to have better anger control and as a result to improve their relationships and minimize conflict.

There are several habits that you can develop in order to have a better anger control. The most important thing you could do is avoid from always expressing what you feel. Although experts used to say that expressing oneís anger is always better than bottling it up, today research shows that this will only make things worse especially for someone who suffers from anger problems. Therefore, in order to have better anger control, try to minimize saying what you feel when you are angry.

When talking with several people, you might identify their flaws and might not agree with what they say. Always give them the benefit of the doubt when you encounter a problem. Counting to 10 is a good exercise before trying to lose your anger control and saying something you never meant to say.

There are also individuals who attend yoga and zen philosophy classes as a means to control their anger. Many participants of these classes experience a change in their behavior within a few months time. As a result of the exercises, they feel rejuvenated and are able to have better control over their anger.


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