How To Choose Success In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Today we shall take a look at how to choose success in life. Since long I have thought about and been astonished over why some people seem to get everything in place whilst others have to fight so hard to reach success.

My first advice to you is to focus on what you want to achieve in life. What others do or do not do does normally not affect you success, so why focus on them. Avoid all these endless discussions of why this or that person were so lucky and got successful, when it actually ought to be you who should be successful. These kinds of discussions do not lead anywhere except they will drown your own power to act and to create something useful and successful.

Instead, imagine yourself standing in front of two doors and you have to choose which door to enter. One door will let you through if you think positively and really commit yourself to realize your dreams. The other door will let you in if you are prepared to see everything that is negative in life and not go for anything, since there always is a risk that you will fail.

Which door do you choose? I am sure you choose the first door where you create the success in life you want!

Unfortunately, most people choose the other door unconsciously and continue to whine over everything that not is good. There is no room for happiness, goals, visions and success.

If you know that you want to choose the first, positive, door but anyway will end up with going through the other, negative, door, do not give up! There is hope. First of all you have become aware of what you want and what you do not want. You want success in life, right? Since your choices no longer are unconscious you can choose the positive door for all future.

- What door have you so far in your life entered?
- What door do you want to enter?
- What kind of thoughts and dreams will you take with you?

You can make up your mind right now and choose your thoughts and actions. If you wait too long, everything is postponed to the future. Remember that to act now is power here and now, whilst everything that is postponed to the future often creates frustration until it is realized, if ever.

When will you act and what door do you choose? Start your journey towards success in life today!

Good Luck!

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