How To Catch Anyone’s Attention

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

After a very stressing week at work, you decided to walk around the city. And then someone handed you a brochure. The one given to you was folded like an accordion or the “Z-fold” method. You look at it. Of the many brochures that you have already seen and held, this one catches your attention.

It may be the very big picture in front of the nice lettering that was placed with it. You don’t exactly know what it was but there was something about it that just enticed you to open it right away and examine it.

And then you saw that it is a brochure of the newly-opened amusement park a few miles from your house. From the picture outside, you were lured to look inside it as well. You were mesmerized by the illustrated map inside. The printing of the brochure was just perfect – from the glossy paper to the colors used to the fold.

This made you decide where to take your family that weekend to release all the feelings of stress that all of you must be going through right now. After a week of work, study and chores the best way of unwinding and having fun is to go to this amusement park. You could also spend time with the family and bond with them as well.

You are sure that the map on the brochure would be a big help as well in getting around the park. All the information that you need is there. From the rides that you know your kids would enjoy to the food stands when you get hungry. Even places where there are available chairs where you can sit down and rest your tired feet.

Whoever supervises the brochure printing really knows what he is doing. Catching two out of five people you gave the brochure to is still good odds for an advertisement. Most especially if you were able to get these two people to patronize the product and the service that you are providing.

And that could already start from there. These two people can introduce someone they know would be interested in the same service and product and boom! That’s already revenue. The one who oversaw brochure printing knew what could grab the potential customer’s attention.

He knew that a large colorful picture plus a very artistic font would just do the trick if he wanted anyone given the brochure to open it up and browse through them. He was able to cater to a range of customers as well - from parents to their kids - with the use of eye-catching pictures and carefully thought illustrations.

Choosing a brochure for advertising an amusement park is not that uncommon. This is because plotting a whole map on large paper brochures is folded in a way that makes it easier to carry and aesthetically pleasing as well. No need to have those bulky maps for you to carry around while you are out there enjoying your day and amusing yourself.


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