How to Become Rich? Don't Just Imagine

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

The pursuit of wealth and richness has personified mankind's pattern of existence since the earliest forms of civilization. Everyone amongst us is it today or a thousand years back, has focused his or life on one main goal: get rich.

Looking more closely at our daily lifestyle, it becomes more than clear that our objective of life is to become rich. Take the example of education; why the struggle to get into the best universities? The answer is obviously to get a good stable career and earn good money.

This article sadly will not ponder as to why mankind craves wealth; it will treat this craving as an agreed upon and unanimous condition set upon our lives. It shall focus on the mainstream issue in everyone's mind in today's world; How to get rich.

The path to wealth and riches has never been vaguer than it is today. With populations soaring and the number of people vying for a single job increasing geometrically each year, cut throat competition requires we bring out the best in us. Entrepreneurship is the most important tool to break into the wealth cycle. Picking out the right place for the right type of good at the right time just might be your key to becoming rich. Be creative, think out of the box, scrutinize every market and environment; how can cash be churned out?

Our imagination and the ability to think is perhaps the most powerful tool humanity has been endowed with. Using it is a key part of achieving our goal (getting rich). Never think the world has run out of inventions, for the human mind, nothing is enough. We as entrepreneurs just need to keep on thinking.

First we had steam engines then the combustion engine and now we are looking at hybrid vehicles. At some point if engineers had thought "wow this is it, this is the peak we don't need to invent anymore" the CEO's and executives of Honda, Toyota, and GM etc wouldn't be rolling in wealth today. Never stop thinking, never stop imagining. Keep an open mind; look at what's missing in the society around you. Come up with that missing link, use your imagination, and voila! You just might have a million dollar idea or product in your hands.

With the recession looming everywhere on the planet, financial markets look bleak. However, this may just be the time to hit it big! With stocks rock bottom, it may be high time to buy them. The economy WILL recover, it always does. Humans are resilient; we have a habit of getting back up on our feet. Investing wisely is another great tool in the pursuit of wealth. Investing in financial markets is perhaps the quickest way to get rich; however it comes with its share of risk. Many have lost millions in stock markets games of buying and selling and forecasting.

Another extremely common way of making it big has been exploiting the property boom. Populations are soaring, people definitely need more housing. Buying up semi-developed property and selling it some years later is a secure and safe way to make money. However, it has one tiny problem: to buy property you need to be RICH in the first place.

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