How To Become Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

Don't you know that there is big money in making software and creating websites? Have you heard of a couple of students who had made a simple website then eventually people love it and those students became instant millionaires. If you are a graduate of a computer course, better try of being a computer programmer and website developer. I have known of certain people that at first don't know anything about building software or creating a program. Years later, as he is speaking to me of certain technicalities in computer, I am quite impressed with his improvement. When I have asked him how he knew all those things, he just said that he likes to read books about software and lots of books related to computers.
If you want to know how to become rich, have the attitude to always do things that will broaden your knowledge. Since it is what he loves to do, he had made a way on how to equip himself, and that is through reading. On how to become rich, it is important that you would find what is your strength or what it is that you are interested at. It had always been easy to do things if you love what you are doing. How to become rich does not only come with the idea of money but what it is that you have passion of doing. Eventually, this thing that you have passion with will be your strength. Using this strength on how to become rich is a great idea. You will never feel of being burdened of doing it because you want to do it. You would certainly try and explore different things because your interest with the job is there.
It always brings out the best in you if you are not forced to do things. How to become rich on the things that you would love to do is a wonderful question that you can ask for yourself.

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