How to become rich ?

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

As many economies are being affected by the global recession, there is only one economy that is still thriving. This is the World Wide Web economy - the internet. In early April, Google recording greater profits in the first 3 months of the year 2009 as compared to what it had made at the same time the previous year. As many of you may know, Google mainly depends in the internet economy to bring in profits. This just shows you how assured you can be if you have an online business that is well established. The internet is the only economy that cannot be tampered with, either by politicians or by the global recession.

The people who discovered this early have already raked in their millions in dollars and are still doing so. It is 'Better late than never'. You can also begin raking in profits through your website by ordering $5 articles.

How will these $5 articles make me rich?

The explanation behind this is that if you have a website that sells certain products or provides certain services, unless your website is really famous, the only way people can get your products and services is through search engines. This is the tool that is mostly used to look for information on the internet. If you have a website that meets the demands if search engines, then you will begin attracting traffic to your website and within no time you will have a high conversion rate i.e. turning traffic into customers.

The main thing that search engines look for is content. The reason why if you look for your site in search engines and it does not appear is because it lacks content. One of the rules of search engines is that the more content you provide to the user the higher you will be ranked by search engines. And this is where the concept of ordering $5 articles comes in. If you get these articles written for you then you will begin attracting search engine traffic. These are no ordinary articles as they contain well researched keyword phrases that are bound to attract traffic from search engines. These articles are also posted on well selected article directories that have high traffic because of their readership.

Therefore, be wise and make maximum use of the web economy by ordering $5 articles.

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