How To Become A Better You With A Positive Attitude On Life

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise standing elated with arms raised up above her head in celebration of having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Everyday fun, happiness, enjoyment needs to be incorporated into your daily life. Watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain after an early morning walk on a weekend tramp might not be everyone’s idea of an adrenalin rush, but if it’s what you enjoy, you need to ensure you’re doing it in your life. You are unique, there’s no one in the world like you and it’s up to you to become yourself.

You have to feel positive and have a positive attitude to want to engage in some of these
things. If you don’t you decide it’s easier to stay in bed or slouch around home and your attitude becomes more and more negative about your life. I know, I’ve had to learn
and now teach others through my attitude training.

Your life is about fulfillment and enjoyment and it’s your choice to include this into your life. Maybe it’s the beach, or forest, temple, church, mosque, or golf course where you experience tranquility and a sense of inner peace. You need to discover it as well as your ideal relationship, job, financial and lifestyle choice on your journey to become yourself.

When you have a goal, target, intention or mission in life, you have a sense or urgency in life and an ‘energy’ to achieve. You are more motivated and enthusiastic about life.

At the beginning of each year, it’s a good idea to think back to the previous year and what you didn’t achieve. However, if you’ve missed doing it then, anytime you start
Is the perfect time for you. If you’re struggling with achieving your goals you need to analyze why. Here are a few possible reasons.

1 Did you need to do some ‘background’ work first and was
working towards achieving those goals.

Some big goals require a series of small goals (the background work) to be achieved before achieving the ‘big final goal’. That’s great because each step is progress in the right direction. I.e. To run a marathon you may have needed to lose weight and improve your diet to give you stamina.

2 Did you lose motivation?

When you’re working towards achieving a goal, it’s important it is what YOU really want. If someone else who wants you to run a marathon to join them, you’re less likely to be motivated. You could be feeling you ‘should’ do it to keep them happy. However in the process, you are making yourself unhappy. This is a common challenge with many people. In some instances it feels easier to ‘go with the flow’ rather than cause a disagreement. It’s not an intentional cop-out of being responsible for your own life, it is that the person is lacking the personal development skills, communication, self-esteem and knowledge, about how to break the cycle, of being kind to others versus being kind to themselves.

3 Were you afraid of losing friend because you were changing your life?

In the process of working towards a goal, you are experiencing change. If losing weight is your goal, the people who you might have gone on social outings with, may encourage you NOT to change. The liked you ‘as you were’. When you choose to become healthier, the decision to change is your choice. However, your associates are having change forced upon them. Your weekly routine may have included two visits to a local restaurant, which serves ‘unhealthy’ food. Now you don’t wish to go, but instead visit the gym. They are lonely and forced to accept your decision. Rather than be pleased that you wish to address your health issues, they encourage you to remain as you are, because it suits them. So remember when you are unique and learning to become yourself, it’s important to learn to become yourself, which in this example is fit and healthy.

However, don’t’ be dismayed about losing a friend, new people will enter your life as you continue to make positive changes

4 Did you change your goal?

Not achieving because you’ve changed your mind is great. You weren’t on track with the right goal. Now you have the opportunity to refocus the next year.

You want to achieve your dreams and live the life you want as early in your life as possible. Some people seem to have the knack of achieving it early in life, for others it takes longer and some people never achieve it. You want to eliminate the zigzagging through life to find fulfillment and happiness, you want to zero straight towards your dreams. For some people, it may even be discovering what your own dreams are, because you’ve been caught up in other people’s dreams.

If you understand your values, beliefs or rules for your life, you will set goals that will be specific to your dreams and desires. By that I mean there’s’ a WIIFM what’s in it for me. Eg. If a health related goal involves losing weight and building stamina for your marathon, the additional benefits you may experience might include: more vitality, looking good, feeling attractive, opportunity to modernize self-image, purchase new clothes, sense of achievement, increased enthusiasm about life, and more energy to include new activities in life. All of these factors raise your levels of enthusiasm towards achieving your goals.

Often you’ve never thought about your values, so when you’ve been setting goals they’ve been contradictory to who you are and what you believe. In your goal to be yourself it’s important you take time to assess your values as step one. Then as you start setting your goals, every one needs to be aligned to your values. Failure to do so will inevitably mean failure of your goals because of inner conflict. eg. You want to be healthy, but you continue to smoke. Decide what you want and overcome the challenges to achieve it.
You’ll feel much better about yourself and life when you’re working towards and achieving your goal.

Here are ten tips that will assist with your goals, intentions or target setting for your
Keeping your attitude positive as you create your dream life.

10 Tips towards achieving MAGIC in your Life

1. Take time to daydream and write down or draw your goals.
2. Created your MAGIC from your right brained creative thinking (the first thing to come to your mind)
3. Use your left analytical side of your brain plan out HOW to achieve it.
4. Understand that you will be challenged and it’s okay to ask for help.
5. Visualize achieving your goal.
6. Be prepared to make sacrifices and changes.
7. Take the risk and enjoy life as you’re achieving
8. Value your health, have fun, laugh and love along the way.
9. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
10. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself constantly.

In your quest to be yourself you will be challenged. The opportunity to be you is exciting, scary and even daunting for some. It takes personal growth, understanding, communicating, and overcoming fear, courage and knowledge to align your mind body and soul, or mental thinking, physical direction and spiritual self to work together harmoniously. When they do you’ll find fulfillment, happiness, love for yourself and others, and inner peace. It’s a great way to live. You may need to attend courses, read books, ask questions and be open to learning. Across your path will come signals about which path to follow. It’s up to you and your free will to make your choice and enjoy the ride. The fabulous thing is you don’t need to conform to others. Here’s an example.

Some months ago I enjoyed a round of golf with my partner who has a very low handicap my seventy-four year old mother who is midway handicap and I’m ….a novice. I had a wonderful time, it was a beautiful walk, surrounded by lovely trees and bird life. Out of the hundred or more shots I played, maybe fifteen percent went in the direction I aimed and traveled a reasonable distance. Throughout my game, I replaced my ball on the nice pieces of grass and when my ball ‘flew’ over to another fairway, rather than disrupt the other people’s game, I explained I was new to the game, and rather than further disrupt them, could they please throw my ball back. They obliged. My mother was shocked! I will never make a golfer, my putting on my partners $500 putter was good (I’d practiced as a child up the hallway when we had family parties), so it was an enjoyable time….for me. I’m not sure my mother will play much golf with me unless she understands this if fun for me, not a serious game. However, I’ll go for a walk and pull my partners trundler and when I chose and when my we’re ready for a laugh, I’ll play a game of golf. However …if I chose to continue with golf, professional lessons will definitely benefit me and in that year I’ll include it in my goals. Meanwhile, it’s a lovely environment, good exercise, fun and enjoyable and that’s what golf is about for me. Good Luck with your journey to be uniquely you.

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