How To Be Assertive In Any Situation

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Assertiveness is one the most important leadership qualities. With assertiveness you can stand up for your rights and needs without harming others. When you are assertive the end result is you achieve a 'win-win' outcome for you and the other side. Being aggressive or passive can spoil your chances of being recognized as person to be taken seriously or make you more enemies than friends.

You can be assertive and still be popular and respected if you can learn the art of being assertive. There are a few conscious steps that can make you assertive.

• Maintain open communication and be genuine in discussing issues on hand with others.
• Be honest and state the facts clearly for the other person to get your viewpoint.
• Encourage questions and talk in a respectful manner without raising your voice or using abusive language.
• Try genuinely to find a solution that can satisfy either sides or get them see reason.
• Rely only on facts and not on assumptions that can affect your credibility.
• Allowing the other person or side to explain their position and try to understand their point of view.
• Never forget that you have the right to say “No”.

These are steps that will enable you to be assertive and still be understood and respected. Assertiveness is essential when you deal with growing children or a class of students or any group. Unless you are assertive you run the risk of getting things done or simply taken for granted.

Most people find it difficult to say “No” and suffer the after effects later on. You can be assertive and also achieve positive results for both sides. When you are asked to do things which you would not do otherwise, it is better to explain your side and suggest an alternative that would result in a result that satisfies the other side.

If you are faced with situations that challenge the values you hold high you must say ‘No” assertively. If you make it a habit to say ‘no’ when you want to, you will never have to cow down to pressure. Being assertive leads you to a positive solution and not regrets.

Assertiveness comes with practice and will help you in branding you as a person of commitment and integrity.


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