How to Awaken the Giant Within

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

After reading the book "Awakening The Giant Within" by Tony Robbins, I realized a common enemy that we use to sabotage us from actually gaining success. This common enemy is at arms every single day fighting with us and plaguing our minds to make things more difficult than they appear.
This enemy as stated in the awakening the giant within is in fact our own words we use every single day. Words, I believe is the most powerful thing we have in terms of creating our own success, and influencing others. Words help create images and beliefs in our lives and the exact words we use tell us how difficult or how easy a task is going to be. Awakening the giant within is simply unleashing the powers that you already have available to you because you have a human brain which is more powerful then any computer that could ever be built. Your imagination to think of things that have not even been fathomed yet, and not using this power is spurious. The things that stop this true power of you from being awakened is simply by the words you use.
More specifically it is the metaphors in your life. Things people say is that - "success is a upward climb up a mountain". When you think of success in that metaphor you are going to get exactly what you perceive it as, a tough battle up a mountain which takes very long and it's very hard. To start awakening the giant within yourself, look closely at the words you use because they do define your self image.
Instead think of positive terms and recreate your metaphors in your life so that you see the world as an abundant, giving, caring, fast, and successful playground for you to enjoy and live a long happy life in. Awakening the giant within yourself will be the most life for the fulling thing you can do.

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