How to avoid social competition and get a happy life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Are you living your own life or is your just main focus is to compare your life to that of others? Do you desire more fulfilling relationships, success, and happiness? To create the fulfilling life you deserve, you need to set yourself free from social competition.

Sometimes participating is social rivalry is something that we do without being consciously aware of it. Just like when we play games with our friends and we enjoy challenging them and competing with them on who will be the winner. This is because competition is part of human nature. Nevertheless, by avoiding certain forms of competition, you can create more happiness in your life.

Of course, sometimes competition is good. Playing football, poker, or participating in a friendly competition with your loved ones can be fun and good to break the daily routine. But when you start comparing yourself to others, you may end up with hard feelings for other people and low confidence in yourself.

If you begin a rivalry over who has a higher monthly salary or income, and it turns out that you are the one who's in a better financial situation, you may feel great about yourself. However, this will create a feeling of angriness and jealousy to your friends. On the other hand, if they are the ones who are in a better situation than you are, you may feel unhappy and miserable instead.

Therefore, it's better to avoid comparing what you have to others, and especially to friends. Because, when you focus on being the best in comparison to another person, you may miss opportunities to enjoy and appreciate real friendships. Precious life energy may be spent trying to compete with each other instead of building true relationships. But you have an option, not to do it!

If your friends begin showing off, you choose to either ignore their comments or change the topic. If they insist on joining in, just tell them that you prefer not taking part in such conversations, staying polite, and trying to lighten the atmosphere by saying something amusing.
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Friendship is about supporting one another. Participating in social competition can challenge relationships. These interactions can cause you to feel happy when your friends are down and frustrated if something good happens to them. But is this the kind of satisfaction and happiness you want for yourself? To be happy with your friend's unhappiness and frustrated with your friend's happiness or success? Is this the life you've always dreamed of?

Take action today and give yourself real quality happiness! Choose to abstain from social competition and set yourself free from this feeling of negativity. Next time you're tempted to join in a competition, just resist. Choose to be kind and supportive instead. Treat your relationships with love and respect and they will survive from the test of time.

Keep in mind that you can always build more fulfilling friendships, no matter how long you may have been competing with each other. It's never too late to change your attitude and stop competing.

By resisting social competition, you can begin to really enjoy your life just as it is. Remember that you are the one who chooses whatever experiences you really desire. Today, decide that your life will be filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Take a few minutes today and start thinking about how much happiness and satisfaction your friends bring to your life and how much you share with them. When you're under the temptation to compete, focus on what you and your friends have in common. It won't take too long before the positive thoughts will start becoming your second nature and you'll begin to see your life from a positive attitude and appreciate what really matters in life!

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