How to Attract Success - Is the Law of Attraction manifesting everything that you want?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

It is incredible to think that your beliefs determine who you are and who you become over weeks, months and years - of course these include both negative and positive thinking affirmations. Everybody has heard about the risks involved in thinking negatively, and in everyday life we use terms like "self fulfilling prophecy" or "what you focus on is what you get". As a society we are told to get rid of those negatives, delete them. We are even encouraged to talk through the negatives, to focus deeply on them and to work through them, rather than focusing on positive thinking affirmations in order to attract success.

Let's try to think, for a moment, about the other side of the coin, the Law of Attraction manifesting your every wish. This is a powerful tool that can be used for positivity and focused positive thinking affirmations to attract that success you always wanted. It's a simple, but ever so powerful law - whatever we want, we attract. So it follows that what you have right now around you in all aspects of your life, is what you have attracted to you by thinking about it.
Hold on a second, I hear you say. "That can't be right, because I don't have, for example, the money I want in my back account, but I really really want to be rich!" And here I am finding it hard to get by, pay the bills and live the life I want!

It's not easy to attract success and the things you want, especially money, because somewhere deep in our mindset there are negative connotations. This could be for any number of reasons - an event in your life, the attitude towards money when you were growing up, the difficult economic climate, or even what you see and hear about money in the media every day! They key is to stop and listen to yourself as you think about money - you may well find a negative voice in there, like "I'm never going to be rich on this salary", or "I'm never going to be rich with these bills". These thoughts are understandable, but need to be changed to something positive! And they can be! The good things start happening when we deeply realize that like attracts like - just think of someone you know who appears to have everything they ever dreamed of, who seems happy and contented with life, and who just seems to attract success.

Now, here's the amazing truth - it IS possible for YOU to be someone like this! You just have to believe, and I mean truly believe, that abundance, happiness, money, and goodness will come into your life. You can want it, sure, but you have to believe it! The two are crucially different if you are out to attract success.
If there's one thing that can set you off in the right direction, it's this Law of Attraction manifesting ritual:

Take a moment one morning, when you've woken up feeling good about life (although later you can do it every day), and say: "I am going to attract something good into my life today. Something good will happen today."

This simple act is one of many positive thinking affirmations that will open the doors of the universe, and the law of attraction will start to work for you. The answer to that all-important question, Is the Law of Attraction Manifesting my desires and wishes, you can answer with a huge "Yes"!

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