How Positive Thinking Can Drive Away Poverty

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Many learned masters say our mind is like monkey. I prefer to call our mind is filled with little nasty gremlins! Jumping from on thought to another, our mind never ceases to circle in infinite loop! Such a mind obviously takes control of our daily existence and overpowers every effort to stop the never ending loop. Metaphorically, if a software program inadvertently enters into infinite loop, soon the memory becomes full and program crashes and in older operating systems the computer was said to freeze or crash.

Surely, our mind is occupied with trivial and unnecessary chatter with barrage of information flowing from our senses and, indeed, from our memories. Our mind is a very fertile ground. Without conscious efforts, our fertile mind is only growing weeds that are of no value whatsoever. For example, if a farmer is growing paddy in his farm, then he would naturally remove any weeds that crop up in his paddy field. He knows by experience that if weeds are left to grow along with paddy, soon after weeds destroy his paddy crop, therefore, financially destroying the farmer. Similarly, if we leave the mind to its own function, we only expect weeds to grow and inherently bring us nothing but poverty! Indeed, it is hard to believe though, you will have a better understanding if you read the timeless book 'Think and Grow Rich' written by Napoleon Hill. So, we must remove uncontrolled, trivial thoughts from our mind and fill it with productive thoughts. It means one should indulge in conscious thinking and become continuously aware of one's own thoughts.

By becoming aware of our own thoughts, we can analyze and understand what is going on in our mind and thereby effectively eliminate destructive mental chatter. We should let good, creative thoughts to develop in our mind by being self aware. For many who have not developed awareness of their thinking, their mind is like a black box. They are completely ignorant of their thoughts and they unconsciously let the weed to grow in their minds. For someone who is trying to break the cycle of poverty, it is like an untouchable fire. To break from poverty, one must develop conscious, and apparently, controlled thoughts and consistently free his mind of weeds. Developing self awareness is critical to achieve one's goals in life. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the simple, yet powerful fact of life. Many people are blind to the fact that they should look inward for their failures in achieving worldly success instead of finding external reasons for their failures. Answer lies within them not without. One must conquer the world within before going onto to conquer the world outside!

Developing self awareness is a continuous journey. One must undertake it in any point in life and discover the true potential or power within. Without self realization we are not reaching anywhere in our lives.


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