How Persistence Leads To Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Did you ever heard about the persistence of water when it gets through mountains? Because it's persistent it went through the hardest rocks to penetrate it till the other end.

Do you know that being persistent can lead to success, for me it's something like this, I'll keep triggering minds by my posts on Squidoo or through my website till minds surrender and like what I am doing

I have a dream to educate students and put them in the right track of education, many students think that education is all about what they take a school or college, but what they don't know that education is all about life mistakes, the more you try, the more you make mistakes, the more you are educated, success never been through a day and its dawn (fast), easy, simple or with few clicks, who said so lie on you and here you will hear the truth.

They show you that success came easy just because they know that people won't be interested when they say that they did so and so which was hard just to reach the success they are in right now, also the human nature forgets about what it went through or it don't like to remember how much pain it did to reach such success.

Persistence is all about keep going whatever the circumstances are, whatever your mood is and whatever you feel like you keep going, you might ask so when should I call what I am doing a success or what if I am going on the wrong way?

These questions are so important because really you might have been going all the way wrong, but what makes you feel success is the stops you stop in through your way to success, you might have stopped where your sales are increasing, your website traffic is increasing, your school grades and your understanding for your subjects is increasing, and this what makes you really feel success and let you know you are pacing he right paces so keep going.

Engineering too was never an easy part of my life, so that's the deal, keep going what ever the circumstances are, and whenever you feel that you are going on the wrong track sit with yourself and recalculate what you are going through if your stops statistics are going higher then you are going on the right track if not then your are not going on the right track so revision you vision.

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