How does one overcome Depression & Anxiety?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 4, 2019

Most often we neglect issues related to mental health and discard the idea of considering them as a problem. However, depression and anxiety can have long lasting effects and can make you vulnerable if not treated properly.
Firstly, it is imperative to identify and accept that you are ill-at-ease and there is an appropriate treatment to help you attain mental stability. Talking about your emotions and state of mind could be a very effective exercise instead of contemplating for hours. If you are unable to talk to someone, you could begin with writing down your feelings or maintaining a daily log. This would help you empty your system of the negativity that could make you obnoxious.

To calm yourself down when you experience bouts of anxiety, you should engage yourself in peaceful exercises like meditation or yoga. It is important for you to remove the taboo from depression and treat it as a normal subject. Confiding in family and friends could help you recover faster as you would have a constant motivation to push yourself to get rid of these sinister feelings.

If you are examining the various causes, which stimulates the beginning of anxiety and depression, we can understand that majority of the cases occur due to unknown causes. Many times we may be able to find out a specific cause. In that case the removal of the specific cause will give a cure to the concerned person. Now, after an extensive study by various psychologist, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counselors, mentors and the like persons, have revealed that a certain percentage of clients are unable to pinpoint the past incidents, past memories and the like things. Here comes the unknown memory registrations in our subconscious mind at any point of time. Actually the success of treating such cases depends on the customized methods, the mind programmer or healer or therapists applies.

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