How Does Anxiety Effect People?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

In recent years it became clear that anxiety is a problem that occurs much more frequently than before. It affects people of all ages - puberty, middle age and elderly. According to the statistics, women are more prone to develop anxiety than men. But it is also a fact that men recognize very difficult if they have a similar problem, so we are not make sure that the statistics is completely accurate.
If we look at the anxiety in terms of survival, we can say that it is useful and necessary. The anxiety is one that signals the individual that there is a danger to himself or his close and thus it may take measures to prevent this danger. But if we look at anxiety as a state that violates an individual's daily life, then we see the negative side.
Increased, daily, intensive and prolonged anxiety can destroy the lives of suffering, and can sometimes lead to death. Some anxiety disorders are difficult to managed and this creates many problems to the sick persons. For him became difficult to perform his everyday duties because of countless symptoms that have anxiety: headaches, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion, and others. On the other hand, all those feelings of the individual affect his relationships with family and friends. The constant anxiety that he feels makes him very sensitive, irritable and nervous, but the expression of these emotions are usually screaming, nerve pushing cabinets, slam doors, etc. So the sufferer becomes unwanted person from other people to conversations or just to stay together with. To some extent this may be due to its sole discretion that prevents other people and begin to isolate himself from other people.
To all relatives and friends of people suffering from anxiety disorders, the psychologists and the psychiatrists recommended to be patient and to show their love for the man. While there are certainly situations where this is impossible, they must know that if you isolated the sick man from his family and friends, this will only strengthen its anxiety. It is difficult and painful for people to see how their loved ones are suffering and the only way to help is to support them.
How difficult is the situation in one house where a person with anxiety disorder lives, precisely align with him will help him overcome the symptoms and relapses of the disease. Ultimately, individuals suffering efforts to maintain its normal functioning as individuals, as members of families, parents and professional people realized. In a large percentage of cases of people with anxiety disorder, their lives are fundamentally changed and it is precisely because of the changed attitude of their relatives to them. It is possible that the anxiety disorder do not make a radical change in their lives, but the mere fact that they are "sick", is provoking their relatives to behave differently with them. This, of course, can only be assessed as a negative attitude towards the suffering man that will hurt him.
Anxiety can be mild and severe, but nevertheless life of suffering is changing as he struggles to remain a full person. No one wished to be suffering from anxiety disorder! It is much better to love and the supporting our loved ones to overcome faster and easier this unpleasant disorder.

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