How do we know whether we have Hyper-Anxiety?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 4, 2019

Anxiety can range from mild to severe, depending on the person and the situation. It is usually associated with feelings of fear, paranoia, uncertainty and irritability. However, the fear and jitters we experience during regular events (like going up on stage or talking to someone new) is very different from hyper anxiety. The latter persists in the system like a steady feeling irrespective of the event or situation. If fear and nervousness consume you in a way that you find it difficult to function or go about your day effortlessly, you might be suffering from hyper anxiety.

It usually presents itself in the form of sudden palpitations, excessive sweating, fast breathing and a heavy feeling in the chest. People usually become very fidgety and find it hard to stay in one place. Apart from these physical symptoms, a person experiencing hyper anxiety is battling with very strong emotions and thoughts as well. You might encounter constant irritability or fear of losing control. These sinister feelings usually make you think that something disastrous might happen and keep you on the edge almost all the time. Lastly, you might experience a sense of detachment from your immediate circle and the world, at large which usually leads to depressing thoughts or drastic behavior.

Even though there are various clinical, medical and psychological parameters to measure the frequency and intensity of Anxiety and allied disorders, sometimes we are unable to make a precise explanation and difference in the majority of the cases. The reason is due to the subjective state of experience of the symptom or due to altered levels of perception of the individual or the other person who is witnessing it. As this is the situation only by constant awareness and vigilance and keen observation of the concerned person is highly mandatory. Here comes the importance of self-study and self-improvement.

If you feel you are suffering from hyper anxiety, you can seek professional help to overcome it. Living In Wellbeing is one such platform where you can undertake online as well as in-person counseling. We thoroughly study the individual person’s case and suggest a suitable medication which can help them to cope with mental health issues. LivingInWellbeing is providing solutions for our day-today life problems.

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