How Can You Reach Spiritual Awakening

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Have a look at a Buddhist monk or an Indian guru, you shall see in their eyes that there is something dreamy or a state of bliss emanating from their countenance. Since many people, especially the people who live in urban areas, are penetrated by stress in the environment in which expectations, goals and deadlines are the first thing they have in mind anytime, the urge to escape from insipid thoughts and worldly-minded worries can take its hold every now and then. But after a person weeds out of his or her negative thoughts, he or she will likely find himself or herself in the middle of stress again when he goes back in the real world's strangle. So what would be the best cure for you if you failed to attempt to find solace? The answer can be spiritual awakening.

What Exactly Spiritual Awakening Is

This term is a process taking place in a person's being. It involves heightened enlightenment, transcendence and consciousness. The question is, how can we reach spiritual awakening? Does it have anything to do with sequester ourselves in a solitary lonely room and concentrating most hardly? Perhaps so, but the act of reaching spiritual awakening seems to be a more complex and sophisticated process.

How to Reach Spiritual Awakening via Meditation

If you have fully understood of the way our mind works, it would be very useful in this endeavor. Everything in our environment - intangible and tangible - is all products of our mind as well as its processes. Human perception is not unlimited and what we can sense in our environment are merely its products. For example, color is only a quality which is assigned by our brain according to many different degrees of our wavelengths.

So color is only an illusion, and actually we cannot tell that blue or red is the absolute truth when we are describing specific objects. And if we known our mind is limited by our brain's interpretations, we will do away with our mind as attempting this exercise. You need to have a look at the mind as a casual observer, and then treat it as something separating from our selves. Try to concentrate and relax, and be sure that you are in a location which is secluded from exterior interference.

Imagine you are in a dome which is invisible, and the mind is outside while fancies and thoughts are unable to pervade. If you reach this, your deep silence will ensue so that you can feel that you are totally free of your mind. You shall feel encompassing, bigger and vaster. And if you are in this heightened consciousness' state, you will get a glimpse of reality opposed to the false reality that our mind pervades. You will feel something peaceful and get a sense of connecting with everything so that you can feel a more profound manner.

Practice is the Key to Reaching Spiritual Awakening

To reach it, you should take a lot of discipline and practice. And you will provide yourself with the opportunity to be in a place in which you can never be disturbed. Through regular practice, heightened consciousness can last longer, and reaching spiritual awakening can be second nature. The most important is that the practice can improve the standard of your life.

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